Industry Buzz – February 2023

3 minutes

As we move closer to spring, it’s time to start thinking about how your eCommerce business can capitalize on the upcoming season of celebrations and sales. Spring is a time of renewal and growth, and for eCommerce businesses, it presents a unique opportunity to engage with customers and boost sales.

With major events like International Women’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day on the horizon, now is the time to start planning your eCommerce campaigns and promotions. And this month, we have just the right resources you can use to design your online selling blueprints this upcoming season.

First, we will talk about the importance of adopting alternative payments and how outsourcing can significantly benefit your SaaS business and streamline your operations. After that, we will share best practices on subscription retention and cover the state of digital wallets in the eCommerce space.

Happy selling!


We are thrilled to announce that our Avangate Affiliate Network has won its ninth consecutive recognition by mThink Blue Book as a Top CPS Affiliate Network for Digital Goods! We want to thank both advertisers and publishers for the high ratings they shared.


blue book


The Nordic payments market is embracing change as shoppers are responsive to alternative payment options through digital payments and contactless. Discover how to navigate the Nordic APM success and leverage it in your strategies.


A recent study shows that 23% of customers are willing to pay slightly more for subscriptions that make billing easier. Find out how you can boost customer satisfaction and retain more subscribers.


eCommerce is on the rise and will continue to expand, but merchants need to be proactive to ensure their users’ payments are approved, and the business’ authorization rate stays high. Watch our latest “Give me 5” video where Catalin Draghici, Product Owner at 2Checkout (now Verifone) shares five best practices for achieving high authorization rates for your online business to improve your eCommerce conversions.




Don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend dynamic events this year, designed to fuel your passion for innovation and finance and provide networking opportunities with like-minded professionals. Check out our list of payments industry conferences to find the perfect event to boost your potential.


Are you curious about the state of digital wallet usage in 2023? Learn more about the factors driving the growth of digital wallets and the latest trends and insights that will determine the future of online payments!


Looking to take your online business to the next level this year? Watch our live panel discussion to learn from some of the best industry experts and get your eCommerce business ready for success in 2023.




It’s time to define your online business strategy to stay ahead of the game this year. Discover how to grow your business and stay competitive in the online market with these three eCommerce trends for 2023.


Find out how Flipbuilder improved their conversion rates in international markets and how they leveraged our global payment processing, fraud prevention, and subscription management capabilities to streamline their online sales and grow their business.




We wish you a sunny spring and a fruitful sales season!



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