Industry Buzz – February 2021

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Your European online shoppers may be starting to experience payment processes with heightened security features and longer flows, brought about by the enforcement of PSD2 and SCA. In this month’s Industry Buzz, we are happy to outline some of our capabilities that can help streamline your shoppers’ experience as your business acclimates.

We’re also bringing you some of the key trends in the digital commerce universe at the moment, including your go-to holiday calendar for 2021, the latest in data privacy, ways to build your B2B sales pipeline, and the key components of a product-led growth approach.

How are you going to improve your online business this month?


In spite of the lengthier payment authentication process that PSD2 has introduced, the new European regulation is a step forward in making payments more secure for both merchants and consumers. Read on to learn how to ensure a predictable experience for your online shoppers with the 2Checkout platform.


As 2021 sees a continued focus on privacy regulations around the world, businesses should prioritize transparency, ongoing customer support, adherence to regulatory compliance, and periodic reviews of their data protection practices. Here are more data privacy trends to help you stay on track this year.


We’ve put together some of the most important holidays and celebrations happening in 2021 to help you plan ahead. Pick the most suitable ones for your business and plan your promotional tactics in a timely manner, to make the most of these opportunities.




Want to generate even more leads in 2021? Now more than ever it’s important for B2B marketers to be visible on multiple channels. Here are some of the best ones that will help you stay ahead of the curve.


There are numerous methods for scaling up a B2B SaaS business. Check out this go-to-market framework for upmarket enterprise selling, developed by Workato, and learn how to combine strategy, sales, and team dynamics to achieve your scaling goals.


One of the best ways to attract new users to your SaaS business is to offer free trials. However, getting those trial users to sign up and use a paid plan is increasingly challenging for SaaS companies. Watch this session with Claudiu Murariu from InnerTrends, the product analytics tool that brings the power of data science to every product team, to understand what is stunting your trial conversion and how to overcome these hurdles.


Marketing funnels are a great way to move and guide your prospects through each stage of the customer journey. These tips and tricks will help you build a better funnel that speaks to your customers’ unique needs, and ultimately increases conversion rates.


A product-led growth strategy implies building a product that is so good your users will purchase it immediately after the free trial period is over, or upgrade seamlessly from a freemium to a premium plan. But what are the key components of the product-led growth approach? Make sure to read this article to find out.


Did you know that the UK is the world’s third largest market for online sales in the world? If you want to enter this market, make sure to read our new eBook and discover everything you need to know about selling online to the UK – local payment processing, accepting online payments, checkout preferences, and more!




Watch our recent Live Panel Discussion to get up to speed with the latest trends and predictions; tactics and strategies that work and those that don’t; as well as benchmarks, challenges, and opportunities in the eCommerce industry in 2021 and beyond.




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