Industry Buzz – August 2019

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Hi, sellers! There’s some serious noise in the eCommerce industry caused by the second Payments Services Directive (PSD2) and its Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements, which should come into effect starting September 14, 2019 (we know about the potential delay, for now let’s assume the deadline still stands). We’re here to help you figure out how your online business could be impacted by the new directives and what you need (or not) to do regarding the changes.

In addition to this, we’re bringing you top-notch resources to get your eCommerce business on the road to success.

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The Grid Report for E-Commerce Platforms from G2 is now available for viewing. Whether you are evaluating eCommerce platforms or you just want to see how the current solution you work with stacks up, feel free to take a look at it! It will help you see the bigger picture and choose an eCommerce provider that will help you achieve your business goals.


Making sure your SaaS business has enough recurring revenue to sustain itself and grow is vital. Because we understand this struggle, we came up with an eBook packed with actionable advice that will help you deal with the pains of growth as far as recurring revenue is concerned. Are you ready to reduce churn and cash in?


Whether you are working on customer acquisition or retention, you shouldn’t neglect email as still a great channel to get in touch with your customers. The buyer journey is more complex than ever so automating messages as art of the nurturing and retention process will definitely help you boost sales. If you are running an eCommerce business, we’ve got some email ideas to share with you.


Finding ways to stand out among you competitors is not easy, converting B2B leads into customers and getting in touch with them where they are, are quite difficult tasks. But these are all common marketing challenges that you can overcome, and we’ll show you exactly how to do it. Just make sure you read on and watch our top picks of the CommerceNow 2019 recordings.


Your landing pages can always perform better if only you knew where to make small adjustments. The tips shared in this article should give you a clue about where to start. Just keep in mind that testing is always a good idea in reaching the conversion rate you are dreaming of. Good luck in building the perfect landing page!


Online shopping statistics show that having a digital presence is critical for retail businesses.  Check out these 25 statistics about online shopping and use them wisely to grow your online business!


If you’re looking to make some adjustments in your eCommerce business, you could start by checking if you aren’t making any of these mistakes. Having a website that’s not optimized enough, a lengthy checkout process or wanting to sell more at the expense of a good customer experience might seem rookie mistakes, but you could be making them without noticing. So, save yourself the trouble, go ahead and double-check your strategy.


It’s advisable to keep an eye on the trends, benchmarks, and statistics in the SaaS industry which is getting more and more competitive every day. Knowing how you stand is important because you’ll know what to improve.


If you sell online in the EU, you must have already heard about PSD2 and its requirements, SCA being one of them. The new European directive was necessary to encourage innovation and improve the electronic payments ecosystem. More specifically, digital payment transactions are meant to become safer, and more convenient. Read on to understand the impact of the directives on you, as a merchant.


Dan Martell, the “Chief Instigator” at SaaS Academy and well-known SaaS influencer, is helping you figure out whether your software demo is costing you sales. Clearly demonstrating how it can bring value into a prospect’s work and how it solves her problems is absolutely necessary if you want to make it into the big league.


There’s always room for improvement when running an eCommerce business. Good luck in experimenting your way to the top!


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