Yet More Tips (and Tools) on how to survive the crisis

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In a twisted, fortunate kind of way, along with news on the economic crisis, recession, however you want to call it, bombarding us for the past few weeks, there’s also hope and help – a myriad of tips, to do lists, practical advice on how to survive the crisis. You cannot apply everything ad-litteram to your business, but at least it’s a starting point, an idea that generates ideas applicable to your own business. And this is good, it helps disperse panic, it helps you focus on a plan.

One article that I particularly liked was “What the recession means for the software business: five things to think about” by Dan Nunan. Although written back in April, it is so very up-to-date.

Another one is this: 10 Tips To Manage Through Turbulent Times – on the ChannelWeb site. These are tips for IT resellers, but a useful reading for anybody really.

Getting on the right side of economics by Bob Walsh is another great read (tips for Micro ISVs, but again, full of ideas applicable to other companies). Yes, I know it’s on this blog, but I had to mention it anyway.

There’s also the view of heavy analysts such as Gartner, voicing encouraging opinions for the IT industry, in that the crisis will not be repeated. Still, while IT budgets aren’t likely to totally collapse, there will be a downturn. The main idea is that this time around companies HAVE TO use IT products to become more efficient and be able to identify areas, processes, business units, etc. where they can cut costs.

Talking of improved efficiency – the following Avangate article focuses on efficient channel management & Partner Relationship Management (PRM) for the software industry in the context of the crisis. Don’t forget you can always leave a comment at the end of the page.

And finally, a more person-to-person piece of advice for the battle with the recession: “don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want others to do to you”. With word spreading so fast over the Internet these days, it’s likely it will turn quickly against you.

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