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Zemana Logo Here’s one more interview that we’re glad to add to this blog. I recently had the pleasure to chat with Orhan Akyurek at Zemana, provider of security solutions, namely anti-hacker apps.

Q1. Please give us a brief overview of Zemana (how you started, some history).

Zemana was founded in 2007 by three college graduates who were driven by a vision to offer refined security solutions that would protect everyone from some of the most dangerous threats out there: identity theft, financial malware, spyware and more. After almost a decade, Zemana has evolved from a small team into an award-winning security software provider with a team that pulls hard and always stays together. In addition to teamwork, our company encourages an empowering environment where people can pursue their passions, create innovation and gain expertise. Big words, but it works, we are motivated to be here and do great things together.

Q2. The security market is huge. Can you describe your niche and its impact on both consumers and businesses? Tell us how Cloud affects your market, too.

The best way to describe our niche is to say that if everyone goes one way, we explore another. That’s actually how we started. Our pioneer product, Zemana AntiLogger, came out of an idea that a couple of friends developed because there was no product on the market that could defeat the rapidly growing level of hacking variants. Instead of just updating a virus database with known virus variants, our founders came up with a product based on behavioral characteristics, so any unexpected activity on a computer is blocked automatically. By thinking differently, Zemana’s team continues to develop a product line that keeps getting better at protecting customers worldwide.

We also constantly listen to our customers and give them what they really want because success isn’t possible unless you listen to your customers and provide a product that works for them. Again maybe it sounds like a cliché, but customer happiness means a lot to us and we work to make it a reality.

Regarding Cloud… well, for us, Cloud takes the security software business to another level. No more boring features, RAM lags, or huge HDD capacity requirements, because everything is done online. The whole security business and not just security itself is now based in the cloud.

For example, our product Zemana AntiMalware is based on anti-malware technology whose engine is based in the Cloud. This practice makes it possible that Zemana AntiMalware comes packaged in one of the lightest-weight file sizes at this level of protection, using only 5MB of disk space. With the ever-accelerating level of threats nowadays you need something that is fast and efficient. The good news is that being based on this practice, the antimalware product scans faster, cleans faster and protects you faster.

Q3. You’ve been on the market for almost ten years. How have things evolved, not only in terms of technologies, but also in buyer behavior/ differences and trends around the globe?

Things were slow in the beginning, especially with the lack of information about technology and lack of awareness of PCs. Today, startups have nearly everything they need at their disposal. Consumers are more educated and more technology oriented, and information is available not just to the corporate world but to consumers as well or vice-versa J Consumers are very tech savvy today. In the software industry, the biggest challenge is coping with rapid technology changes. The key is to stay up-to date because changes will not wait for you and customers will always go for something new and better.

Q4. A very recent topic is Pokemon GO. Tell us about any privacy issues, personal data sharing and what can we do to stay safe when playing games (not just Pokémon GO ;-).

Pokémon GO is a legitimate app from Nintendo and if it’s downloaded from a legitimate source, such as Nintendo’s account on Google Play Store or the App Store for iOS, it won’t cause you any headaches. However, there is a malicious version of the app that was modified in order to gain access to a user’s device and infect it with malware that can misuse private, personal and financial data.

We advise users worldwide to download Pokémon GO and other apps only from legitimate sources to avoid getting infected with malware. If you aren’t sure about your app source, you can check the installed application’s permissions in the App section of your Android device. Look for the Permission section and check the list of legitimate apps. Of course, we also suggest using our Zemana Mobile Antivirus solution for your protection to immediately block any malicious app from running so your device stays safe all the time.

Q5. We always like to end with a word of advice for other software and SaaS entrepreneurs just starting out – what’s yours?

Try new things, take risks, never stop learning and stay passionate about your work. Eventually good things will come to the surface and bad ones will be wiped out.

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