Back to School TIP: Top 10 Myths of Payment Processors

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It’s September, which means, summer’s officially over and everyone’s going back to school, and back to school shopping means lots and lots of commerce.

But just as every calculator isn’t a scientific calculator, neither is every payment processor a digital commerce provider.  The problem is, when the packaging looks the same, called the same thing and they both claim to provide the same functionality – how do you tell the difference?

It’s time for a TIP – Truth in Payments – to help you understand the difference between payment processors and digital commerce providers. Here are some common myths that you hear from the payment processors:


Myth #1:  “We sell conversion(s).”

Truth: Payment processors charge for access to their platform, the gateway, and their payment methods. They make money irrespective of whether your transaction is successful, imposing fees every time a charge is ran, when a card is declined, or when refunds, chargebacks, or fraudulent transactions occur.


Myth #2:  “We have 200+ payment methods”

Truth:  Payment processors often consider every type of credit card (including debit cards), gateways, and individual bank ACH and wire options as a unique, payment method, which when added up can look like a lot of methods, when in reality, it’s only a handful.

Bonus: Whitepaper – Global Commerce in Local Markets for Software and SaaS Companies.


Myth #3:  “We offer subscription payments”

Truth:  Most payment processors don’t support recurring transactions.  They support recurring payments via a wallet only or via a third party partnership, which means another implementation, another party to manage, another negotiation for rates, another contract to sign, etc.


Read 7 more myths at


Bottomline: You need to think and go beyond payments – Avangate’s digital commerce solution also represents the intersection of three areas – Smarter Payments, eCommerce and Subscriptions – and like that scientific calculator, can solve even your most complex problems. That’s a TIP you can take to the bank.


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