Avangate Launches the Growth Accelerator Suite

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For the Fall ’16 Release, Avangate launches the Growth Accelerator Suite, a collection of out-of-the-box tools that embed best practices designed to maximize Software and SaaS sales. Our latest features and capabilities make it easy to go beyond acquisition and optimize your digital commerce lifecycle globally, with one specific goal in mind: sustainable growth.

Checkout Conversion

Our customer acquisition engine just got a lot smarter. We’ve optimized customer acquisition paths, starting with the main engine for driving growth: a new shopping cart product called ConvertPlus. It’s easy to think “conversions first” in your new responsive ordering interface that incorporates years of proven best practices for conversion. The first release focuses on B2C orders, with purchase flows streamlined for specific markets.

Customer Engagement

Avangate’s latest customer engagement tool, EngagePlus, includes extensive customization options that put you firmly in control of shopper communications from initial acquisition through each recurring charge. This lets you experiment fast, without depending on a third party, as well as provide custom experiences by tailoring interactions to specific triggers. It’s all self-service and comes with embedded best practices.

Local Growth

Customer lifetime value and recurring revenue are key metrics when it comes to assessing sustainable growth. But you can’t track either of these metrics until you have the first conversion, so we’ve kicked your promotional capabilities up a notch. New advanced segmented campaigns not only convert customers, but also increase your Average Order Value.

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Leverage Avangate’s commerce, subscription billing and payments stack to accelerate your business from the moment of customer acquisition through to continuous lifetime value growth.

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