Enabling Customer-Centric Commerce Strategies with the Avangate 2012 Fall Release

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This fall, Avangate has extended its collection of business process tools with new agile, customer-centric commerce solutions designed to provide better customer relationship insight, enhance the way you retain and service your customer base, as well as enable you to monetize every touchpoint.

Along with deep SaaS and subscription business support, the Fall Release continues to build the commerce capabilities that all our clients, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, need to accelerate their global sales, as they adapt their systems to the growing customer expectations for service and pay-as-you-go pricing.

Accelerate Customer Relationship Insight

Gain deep insight into customer evolution and use the data to fuel decisions that will reward your best customers and increase satisfaction across your entire customer base. With Avangate Customer OneView accounts, we’re centralizing billing, subscription, and transaction information, along with key management functionality. Create new levels of customer relationship insight, by tending to standalone identities that you can monitor closely, fostering customers’ growth while increasing their value to your business.

Avangate makes it simple to give your customers unique identities that you help develop, monitoring their history and the evolution of your relationship throughout the Avangate system. Frictionless new acquisitions, painless support and enhanced customer service efforts, are just a few of the many benefits of the Avangate 2012 Fall Release.

Complementing customer-centric commerce functionality, new subscription management features are also available starting this fall. We’ve worked to centralize and streamline subscription administrative tasks, bringing together under a single view key statistics, subscription lifecycle evolution and advanced testing options, as well as new tools to control payment processes, recurring billing, customer communications, and more.

Service and Retain Your Customers

Drive customer engagement with fully customizable emails for various processes, including subscription renewals, lead management and delivery/fulfillment. Craft messages that communicate the quality of your brand and products, helping your emails go beyond serving to catalyze specific user actions.

Our email customization efforts have been amplified by a focus on providing increased visibility into customer interaction with your messages. New email tracking technology simplifies the evaluation of customer engagement strategies, easily assessing success based on conversion rates.

Full Avangate myAccount Customization

Make Avangate myAccount an integral part of your brand with the help of the new advanced customization capabilities rolled out this fall. Take advantage of customer data extracted seamlessly from the Avangate system to control every aspect of your customer experiences though fully personalized user hubs.

Monetize Every Touchpoint

Leverage a new version of the Avangate API

Avangate’s API set has been expanded with new functionality exposing the new customer- centric commerce features and subscription management enhancements that we placed center-stage this fall release. We’ve worked to give you complete control at the API level over how you handle your customers and the subscriptions they’re using. This reflects our continuous support services, designed to drive your innovation on top of the Avangate platform.

Next-level market penetration

The summer 2012 Avangate release brought with it mature localization features to support your internationalization efforts. Now, the fall release adds new functionality to support enhanced targeted global sales.

With Avangate, you’ll be able to precisely control the availability of your offerings at the product and payment level. The feature also serves to help you adhere to the applicable laws, regulations, controls, policies, and other attributes of the country or countries where your company operates, including embargoes.

Monetize mobile touchpoints

Web technologies are blurring the lines between what traditional and emerging computing paradigms help users do. Avangate’s mobile shopping cart is a dedicated solution designed with the always- connected user in mind, enabling you to reach shoppers on smartphones and tablets with a feature rich and device-tailored experience. Regardless of whether they’re using a PC, a Mac, or the latest iOS or Android devices, your shoppers will be able to enjoy standalone product pages, cross-selling, free offerings and trials, and other channel-focused features.

Seasonal Must-Attend Webinar: ‘Transition to SaaS’

Fall is a season of transition. What better way to celebrate it than with the launch of a new industry webinar from Avangate?

This webinar will help existing software firms who may be struggling to become SaaS providers develop a proactive plan for a successful transition to SaaS. Sign up to ensure you’re ready for the coming seasons of SaaS-based change.

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