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Cristian Dorobantescu is an entrepreneur involved in the software industry for over 10 years, with solid, proven track in business development, marketing, sales, and project management.

Founder and CEO of Axilus Services www.axilus-services.ro - a start up company doing mobile apps.

He enjoys writing an Entrepreneurship interviews blog at http://www.entrepreneurship-interviews.com

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Blogging for microISV

During SIC last year, I've got the chance to attend Bob Walsh's presentation on Business blogging for microISVs, and back then I've noticed how the audience was very interested in using blogs to gain

Why a 30 days trial might not be enough?

Most (non-geek) people think that shareware is a type of software. Well, actually is not a type of software, it's a way of marketing software. From the vendor's perspective it looks like offering a 15

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I bet that if you are reading the Avangate blog, you would love to hear how things are going around here. As head of the Avangate Marketing Department, I'm in the position to know a little bit about e

We are blogging!

You know how each company has the smart guy, the lazy guy, the fat boy and the blond secretary? And from all these human typologies, I'm... the blogger guy. That's why they trusted me enough to write
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