Affiliate Summit West 2014 Chronicles

2 minutes

Another successful Affiliate Summit West is over. As always, the stats prove that the event continues to be a must-attend for any affiliate marketer. Kudos for Shawn and Missy for putting this one on!

Getting back to our game: this event brought even more proof that Avangate continues to take our role of thought leader in the digital goods and online services markets seriously and deliver on our promise of leadership. Our presentation on 5 Steps to Accelerate Your Affiliate International Expansion had a great turnout, proving that businesses really strive to gain exposure in territories that have great potential for growth. And what simpler way to achieve this exposure than to use performance marketing? Find more details on how to get started in the presentation.

Further confirming Avangate’s prominence, the Blue Book list of Top 20 Affiliate Networks for 2014 was recently released. Avangate is now #11 on the list, having advanced 3 positions compared with 2013. And if we look at the list from a vertical perspective with regard to software and cloud services, we’re actually number 1, ahead of our direct competitors in the digital goods space – a great place to be, we think.

At Affiliate Summit West, the entire digital goods and online services ecosystem seemed to be present at our software networking dinner on Sunday and the feedback was positive. From industry thought leaders and bloggers to affiliates, merchants, and service partners, the Avangate Software Networking Dinner has quickly become a reference event within the vertical, creating new business development opportunities for most and a good time for all.

As for the big picture, I spoke to a lot of summit attendees interested in expanding their presence into new regions or gaining incremental revenue from affiliate networks. Bigger companies are also considering optimizing their current affiliate stats by activating more affiliates and getting new local partners. This is where our dedicated affiliate program management services come into the picture to ramp up programs. Smaller merchants want to get as much exposure as they can, hence the multitude of monetization solutions offered within the software field in particular.

To wrap up, I would say that Avangate’s presence at the Summit delivered great value for people interested in affiliate sales in the digital goods space, and we will continue to be a resource in the future. If you don’t want to wait until the next affiliate event for guidance, let us know how we can help you right now!

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