AffStat Survey 2016 is Now Open!

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If you work in this business, now is the perfect time to make your voice heard: share your thoughts in the most comprehensive survey on the affiliate landscape: the AffStat Survey. For the last thirteen years, the information contained in the report has mirrored this ever-changing industry, unveiling many trends, hot points and concerns that are crucial for any affiliate business.

What have we learned from the AffStat 2015?

  • More than 2,350 affiliates were surveyed on their methods, preferences, and strategies
  • Most of them count on SEO, Social Media and blogging to drive traffic for their business
  • The Affiliate Network or Tracking Platform has become the top factor when deciding which merchant to promote, surpassing other factors such as product and service relevancy or brand awareness.
  • Regarding their relationship with the affiliate managers, most affiliates rely on email marketing to get their information
  • Most of them promote less than 10 affiliate programs and they prefer receiving their commissions through PayPal or direct deposit.

For more info, download the full report here.

Take five minutes for this survey and provide essential information which will help us all contribute to the industry and make it better. Analyze the results from the past years, share what’s your business focus now and see which direction has potential for you to work on. You would be surprised on the insights you might find.

Good luck and keep up the good work!

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