Affiliate Marketing Tips from Geno Prussakov

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Geno Prussakov Founder of AM Navigator LLC

I recently had the pleasure to interview Geno Prussakov, one of the most important voices in affiliate marketing, founder at AM Navigator LLC. He has been involved in affiliate marketing for over 6 years now, currently helping online businesses succeed with this marketing channel by consulting, speaking and writing on the topic.

Here’s one of the things I like – Geno’s opinion on the issue of affiliate marketing not working:
Geno Prussakov, Founder and CEO at AM Navigator LLC

If it’s your competitors that are thinking that way, don’t even try to convince them otherwise.

And he’s right – affiliate marketing is really working for those that understood they have to be involved in this channel.

Or his tips on how to recruit quality affiliates:

There are 6 techniques that you want to use on a continuous basis. All of them start with a letter “S”: (1) software, (2) social media, (3) search engines, (4) second-tier affiliates, (5) summits and symposiums, and (6) symbiotic recruitment.

I better stop here with the teaser – go ahead and read what Geno has to say about motivating affiliates, the ways to recruit good affiliates and the pitfalls to avoid as an Affiliate Manager.

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