Unveiling the eCommerce Trends Shaping Tomorrow – CommerceNow 2023

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Step into the realm of eCommerce innovation and let yourself be carried away by the electrifying atmosphere of CommerceNow 2023.

This will be an exciting journey as we delve into the cutting-edge trends, amazing technologies, and game-changing insights that emerge from CommerceNow 2023, inspiring businesses to redefine how they engage with customers and drive success in the digital landscape.

We’ll take you into the heart of this virtual event, where CEOs, founders, specialists, and other leaders come together to unveil the future of online commerce. CommerceNow will take place on June 21 and 22, 2023, from 6:00 AM PDT to 11:25 AM PDT on both days.




CommerceNow ’23 showcases an extraordinary array of renowned industry experts who are poised to impart exclusive strategies, invaluable insights, best practices, and indispensable tools to fuel the growth of your business.

The event will be hosted by Michael Nicholas, Head of Digital Sales, Americas, for Verifone.

The lineup also includes some of the brightest and coolest names and experts in the industry: Michael Aagaard, CRO Consultant of Michael Aagaard Consulting; Katie Penner, Head of Sales Development Strategy & Enablement at Sendoso, Brian Massey, Managing Partner at Conversion Sciences, Melanie Balke, CEO & Founder of The Email Marketers; Michele Barbagli, CEO of Sintra Digital Business; Dan Ben-Nun, Founder & CEO of Adspace; Jasmin Guthmann, Head of Corporate Communication of Contentstack; Valentin Radu, Founder & CEO of Omniconvert; Nicoleta Danilet, Senior CRO Specialist of Verifone; Kasim Aslam, Founder & CEO of Solutions 8; Robert Skrob, President & Owner of Membership Services Inc., among others.


Why Attend CommerceNow 2023?


Thought Leaders

Prepare to be inspired by an extraordinary lineup of thought leaders including some of the most influential figures in the industry. Each speaker brings their wealth of expertise and unique perspectives, and is ready to share the actionable strategies and tactics that have propelled their own online businesses to unprecedented heights.


Practical and Valuable Insights

Immerse yourself in a series of sessions that delve deep into a range of topics crucial to success in the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape.

Practical and Valuable Insights

Our carefully curated talks will provide you with actionable insights and practical resources. This is the place to exchange ideas and gather the tools you need to foster the growth of your online business.


Join Us Virtually

The best part? CommerceNow is a completely free virtual conference, ensuring accessibility from any desktop or mobile device, regardless of your geographical location. Experience the event from the comfort of your own home or office, eliminating the constraints of physical attendance. Connect with industry experts, engage in valuable sessions, and unlock the opportunities that CommerceNow presents for your online business—right at your fingertips.


Sign up right now to save your front-row seat and to also get the session recordings in your mailbox, after the event.


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