Race to the Top Contest

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As you may already know, in late January, during the Affiliate Summit West we launched the Race to the Top, our most impressive contest so far. Actually, the process is simple – you have to sell as much as you can by the end of April 2015. What makes it so special are three special prizes to 3 very lucky winners. If you haven’t joined the competition yet, then it’s time for us to show you what you’re missing:

  1. Our Rock Star Affiliate will win The Zero FX MOTORBIKE worth 12,000 USD. It leaves you breathless. First of all, it’s electric. Secondly, it’s so beautiful it makes you want to ride it instantly. It’s badass, raw looks only add up to the high-tech features. Dubbed as one of the most entertaining electric bikes in the world, it really takes the whole riding experience to a new level.
  2. The Daredevil Affiliate will win a trip to the wonderful land of Transylvania, Romania. Of course you’ve heard stories about vampires and Dracula. But don’t you want an adventurous trip to see for yourself what’s all about? Come visit Bran Castle, the place where Vlad Tepes, the so-called “Dracula” used to reside, along with other cool tourist attractions around. We promise you’ll have an unforgettable experience, learn interesting things and be amazed by the outstanding landscapes of Romania.
  3. Our Rising Star Affiliate will win a sleek MacBook Air – perceived as a “must-have” by many young professionals and not only, MacBook Air excels in both design and performance. Who doesn’t want a reliable partner in work and fun?

By now you should have decided to get into the competition and for that, you need all the contest details which you’ll find here. And hurry up, the end of April is not that far!

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