Movavi Masters of Affiliate Management Interview

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One of the main players in the multimedia software industry is our longtime partner Movavi, so we’re proud to say they topped our Masters of Affiliate Management contest by consistently improving their affiliate program with us. Alyona Dmitrieva, Senior Marketing Specialist at Movavi, has gladly agreed to answer our questions.


Can you give us a quick overview of your company?

Movavi produces a wide range of multimedia programs for working with videos, music, and photos on any platform and any device. We develop easy-to-use, powerful and effective programs that inspire people to process, enhance and share their content. Since its establishment in 2004, Movavi has grown from a small startup run by three enthusiasts who produced and supported two products to an international business with over 200 employees and an expanding product range for PC and Mac, sold in 150 countries.


What role does the affiliate network play in contributing to your product or brand’s success?

Our affiliate program is a prominent part of our online marketing strategy, complementing it in a significant way. It is an important channel for increasing our online revenue and brand recognition. Thanks to affiliates, our products are sold and recognized not only in all of the regions for which they’ve been localized, but also in many other countries around the world. In addition, our affiliates do not just sell—many of them create unique content, such as video tutorials, reviews, and articles that help users learn more about our products, their features and various use cases.


In your view, what are the most important things to track and test when promoting offers to affiliates?

Currently, we use promotional campaigns as a useful tool for checking which products and discounts sell better through affiliates, and then, if necessary, adjust our offers. An ability that is not yet fully possible, but which we would like to get in the future, is to see exactly where the affiliates place our offers, on the one hand, to control their use, and on the other to better understand what our products look like to users who find them outside of our official website. We make sure our affiliates have a complete set of supporting materials – descriptions, banners, screenshots, and boxes – so that their promotions are more effective.

Another important issue is monitoring the competition and seeing what they offer in their affiliate programs to make adjustments to our system of benefits and offers.


What emerging trends do you see in affiliate marketing? Please comment on both pluses and minuses.

We see growth in mobile advertising in addition to or even instead of desktop ads. The main plus: more traffic, obviously. The main minus: cross-device tracking is more complicated. For example, if the customer looks through the offers on a smartphone, and then purchases using a laptop, the affiliate parameter may be lost.


Another trend is focusing on native advertising rather than display ads, and niche marketing rather than catch-all strategies. Affiliates are increasingly turning to us to discuss this approach, and we are always glad to assist them, because that means both better representation of our brand and more loyal users, increasing our conversion rates. However, for the time being, more “broad” channels still remain the main source of income.


What does the Avangate network partnership mean for your brand?

We have been cooperating with Avangate for a long time, and our partnership has proved to be very successful. In addition to the fact that Avangate/2Checkout is our main payment system, we have a large number of affiliates in the network, whose sales are constantly growing, and this is one of our main sources of income besides direct sales. At the moment, working with Avangate is an integral part of our business as it provides us with a whole range of necessary tools.


How do you plan to leverage the affiliate channel going forward?

Now that we have organized our work with all the affiliates in general via newsletters and advertising campaigns with coupons, we are going to focus on segmenting affiliates into groups to work with them more closely, taking into account their wishes and opportunities. We also plan to more clearly differentiate commission rates depending on sales volume, and place this information in the public domain so that affiliates can use it as a guide.


Join Movavi’s affiliate program with Avangate Network here.

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