Industry Buzz – October 2021

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Hi sellers!

The holiday season kicks off today with Halloween, and plenty of other festive opportunities will follow until the end of 2021, so get ready to choose the ones you want to target and maximize your online sales.

Whether you’ve already planned your holiday campaigns or are putting together a last-minute plan, we’ve compiled some useful tips to keep in mind. They will help you get started with the nitty-gritty of seamless payment processing, then perfect your checkout, overcome the taxation challenges when selling cross-border, and even personalize your campaigns. Equipped like this, you’ll be ready to stand out from the crowd during the busiest shopping days of the year.

Happy selling!


Given the Covid-19 context, the upcoming holiday season is expected to be one of the most lucrative yet for eCommerce. Get into the game with these 15 tips to delight customers and maximize returns on all your marketing spend.


It’s a good time to optimize your eCommerce operations for the peak shopping season. Here are 5 useful steps you can get started with!


Personalization is a major aspect of modern digital marketing, but the increasing concerns for customer privacy may pose some challenges for marketers trying to use this strategy. Watch this on-demand session featuring Einat Etzioni, CMO at Namogoo, to learn how to navigate the regulatory landscape for privacy and create top-notch campaigns!




Discover the most common reasons why SaaS customers abandon the shopping cart, as well as actionable tips to encourage them to complete their purchase.


Revenue per visitor (RPV) helps you track your customer acquisition efforts and provides context for other metrics like the conversion rate. Check out these 7 useful strategies to improve it!


Taxation is often one of the most challenging aspects of cross-border eCommerce, but we’ve got you! Learn how to navigate the tax landscape for digital goods in the most sought-after European markets and ultimately scale your business globally.




In addition to the financial impact, the real cost of failed payments is also related to customer retention. Learn why it’s crucial for an online business to use multiple tools to address this challenge and improve the customer experience!


A Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution can help B2B companies quickly and accurately generate quotes for orders, while also providing flexible pricing, service, or product configuration. Check out our latest “Give me 5” episode to discover all the benefits that such a solution is bound to bring to your B2B business!


B2B commerce has registered significant growth over the past years, bringing new dynamics to the market. Learn how 2Checkout’s all-in-one digital commerce solution can enable B2B companies to strive and connect traditional and new sales channels.


2021 has been an interesting year when merchants had to learn, adapt, and thrive in the new normal. We now want to draw some conclusions and understand how eCommerce will look in the upcoming year. Share your experience by taking part in this short survey!




We’re curious to learn how you are preparing for the long-awaited holiday season. Feel free to share your tips and campaign ideas in the comments below! 😊



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