Industry Buzz – June 2023

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Summer is officially here, and we’re ready to embrace the abundant sunshine and countless opportunities it offers your eCommerce business. To enhance the impact of your summer campaigns, we have compiled valuable resources that highlight the latest eCommerce trends for this season.   

Furthermore, we are thrilled to let you know that our global event, CommerceNow 2023 has successfully concluded. All sessions are available on our website on demand, allowing you to catch up at your convenience.  

And to keep the best part for last, we are proud to announce the launch of the new Verifone brand and global website. Verifone’s growth knows no bounds, and the new branding reflects our unwavering leadership in the industry as Payment Architects.  We are thrilled to continue our journey with you in shaping the future of commerce, and we hope your excitement matches ours. 

Happy selling! 


With the new GA4 integration rapidly approaching, now is the right time to unlock its potential to boost your website traffic and conversions.  

Join our webinar on July 6 with Andy Crestodina, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Orbit Media Studios, to learn how to conduct a comprehensive website content audit using GA4 and elevate your SEO and lead generation strategies. 




While the 2023 recession and inflation crisis present significant challenges, they also open new avenues for growth and innovation. Find out how eCommerce businesses can navigate these tumultuous times and emerge stronger on the other side. 


Automating your email marketing strategies not only improves user retention and increases ROI, but it can also save you time so you can focus on scaling your eCommerce business. Check out these tips that can help you create a winning eCommerce email marketing strategy!   


Looking to start selling online? The path to starting an eCommerce business isn’t always easy, but we’re here to guide you! Check out our guide that will provide everything you need to know about starting and achieving success with your own eCommerce business.  




Unleash your growth potential by converting free users into loyal paying customers. Learn how to strike the perfect balance between value and upselling, transforming your freemium model into a powerful revenue generator. 


Looking to build lasting relationships and turn first-time buyers into loyal brand advocates of your SaaS business? Read this ultimate guide to discover actionable strategies to boost your customer retention!


A Merchant of Record is your go-to key partner that can provide the commerce support needed for you to scale across borders. Watch our latest ”Give Me 5″ video, where Nataliya Shadykulova , Head of Digital Sales, EMEA and Asia at 2Checkout (now Verifone), talks about five key reasons why a partnership with a MoR is an optimal solution to running a global online business. 




If you’re looking to expand your online business globally, being up to speed on the latest regional online payment methods is a mandatory practice for your business. Discover which are the most popular payment methods and start tailoring your local strategies to ease your entry into new eCommerce markets.   


Average order value is one of the most important eCommerce metrics you can track because it boosts your revenue easily without all the extra work of converting customers. Learn how to increase the average order value for your online store. 


Our flagship global virual event, CommerceNow’23, brought together this month some of the brightest minds in the digital commerce space to share their insights and actionable best practices on how to innovate the way you sell online. If you didn’t get a chance to attend the live event, don’t worry! The sessions are now available on demand on our website.  




We wish you a fruitful summer in scaling your online business this season!  


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