Industry Buzz – January 2017

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Hi sellers!

The first Industry Buzz of 2017 is here, packed with useful advice and trends for the software, payments and eCommerce industries. Trends like big data, connected cars, virtual reality, productivity and more have software at their core, with SaaS and subscriptions increasingly key to success, so we’ll take a close look at what the market is talking about in these areas. The payments industry is evolving further into cross-border transactions and encouraging the adoption of recurring business models. What’s that mean for your business? Read on to find out.

  • If you’re planning to pitch your SaaS startup to investors, find out what kind of software companies they’re most likely to invest in and what they expect from the SaaS market this year.
  • Setting and achieving goals for a SaaS business can be particularly challenging these days. In order to perform well in 2017, SaaS companies must embrace innovation while remaining effective. Knowing what to focus on and what to leave behind can improve your efficiency, so take a look at these good and bad trends in SaaS to help you stay focused.
  • Check out these 10 SaaS resolutions for 2017, pick the ones that fit your business and do your best to achieve them. If you’re still thinking about transitioning to subscriptions or SaaS, use our guide to get started.
  • Here are 10 steps for all-around optimizing your business with smart tools and online best practices. If you’re looking at how to maximize your SaaS renewals, register for this webinar with Subscription Insider.
  • The internet abounds in advice for SaaS companies, so founders and start-ups can get confused by contradictory information. That’s why it’s very helpful to know from the start which advice might hurt your business. Jason Lemkin, SaaS expert, tells us that advice is very context-sensitive. While Jason invites you to take his post with a grain of salt, the Top 10 Worst Pieces of SaaS Advice is a sensible list that may help you avoid unnecessary mistakes.
  • What will happen to SaaS in 2017? How can your business adapt to the always-changing software landscape? There might not be an easy recipe for success, but these trends in SaaS infrastructure are a good place to start.
  • The way we pay is changing dramatically and businesses need to be prepared. As the payments industry evolves, what payment processing changes must entrepreneurs implement to stay successful?
  • Software startups may have fallen from their 2015 highs, but they’re still raising four times as much capital as they were in 2010. If you’re thinking about a shift in your software business, consider this list of the software categories expected to raise the most capital in 2017.
  • So far, ecommerce has expanded into new markets on the back of internet availability, and cross-border payment platforms have played a huge role in this evolution. Given this, let’s see what’s in store for the ecommerce and payments industry in 2017.
  • The subscription business model is becoming more and more popular, including in the fintech industry. Beyond subscriptions, here are the fintech and payment trends you should keep an eye on this year.


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