Industry Buzz – August 2021

3 minutes

Hi sellers!

How are your summer sales coming along?

This month’s tips, resources, and strategic knowledge from industry experts to help you cut through the noise, attract buyers’ attention and continue to scale your online business to new heights.

We’re delivering insights on both B2B and omnichannel commerce so you can successfully gain a competitive advantage in your niche. It’s an excellent time to start optimizing your business against seasonal chargebacks while improving your eCommerce website’s discoverability and conversion rates.

We missed connecting with you at in-person events so we couldn’t be more excited for SaaStr Annual 2021, taking place safely on September 27-29 in San Mateo, CA. We’ll be sponsoring and speaking at the world’s #1 cloud gathering, so make sure to drop by our booth and not miss our experts’ sessions to learn how to scale your SaaS business. Register here and get a 20% discount on your ticket!

Happy selling!


Compliance can pose a real challenge to merchants looking to sell in new countries.

Our upcoming webinar on September 29 will help you navigate today’s dynamic tax landscape and show you what type of tax approach is most lucrative when selling digital products cross-border. Register now!




While cardholders file chargebacks all year round, the practice is still subject to a seasonal ebb and flow. Start preparing for the seasonal chargebacks that are expected in the upcoming holiday season with these tips!


Omnichannel enables brands to engage customers at every touchpoint of the buying journey while providing a relevant customer experience. Learn how to create a unified shopping experience across all channels you are selling on.


Sweden makes an appealing eCommerce market for cross-border merchants due to its digital supremacy, consumer wealth, and English proficiency. Discover our roadmap for successfully taking on online sales in this country!




Discover a blueprint for what it takes to simplify B2B digital commerce and gain a competitive advantage in this increasingly competitive market.


Retention and monetization of the current user base are two of the most compelling ways SaaS companies can boost their long-term profitability. Read our latest eBook to discover strategies to upgrade your users to paid or higher tiers.




If you know how and where to look, data can reveal much more than some vanity metrics. Discover how you can make the most of the data you get to scale your SaaS business.


In our latest 2Inspire episode, Tim Soulo, CMO at Ahrefs, unveils useful tips and tactics to level up your SEO game and improve the discoverability of your eCommerce website. Make sure to watch it all, as it’s full of actionable tips and tactics.


Watch our on-demand webinar featuring Malwarebytes and discover hands-on tips on using conversion rate optimization to reduce cart abandonment, increase customer lifetime value, and ultimately your overall revenue.




Bonus: You can learn more conversion optimization tactics that work by accessing the latest case study with Malwarebytes, part of a series of conversion optimization projects.


Whether you’re struggling with conversion rates or looking to boost them further, here are seven high-impact techniques to help you sell more starting today!


We hope this month’s wrap-up provided you with some actionable ideas for your online business. Let us know in the comment section below what insight you liked the most!


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