New Sales Channel in Europe: Intel® Business Exchange Software Store

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The Intel® Business Exchange Software Store in Europe has just been launched, bringing a new sales channel for selling software to European countries – with localized sites for the UK, Germany,  and France (official launch to follow by the end of the month). Good news.

We are, of course, proud to boast that Avangate provides the hosting, billing and process execution of the new market place… that the Avangate eCommerce platform is the core engine of the European Intel® Business Exchange… More good news.

Focused on SMBs
Yes, indeed, Intel ® BX is focused on SMBs – providing an advantage for this market. Why was there a need for this? Because SMBs often struggle to find technology products, services and support that fit their particular budgets and needs. The Intel ® BX Software Store helps them quickly and efficiently find the software solution they need to help implement business solutions. That’s why the store features extensive product details and facilitates customer ratings and reviews.

What products?
Here are the product categories promoted in the stores:
Anti-virus, Security, Data Security, Business & Office, Developer Tools, Digital Content, Creative Media, Finance & Accounting, Linux, Migration & Backup, Reporting, Database Management, Storage and Network Management, Utilities and Tools, Web Development, Internet.

How software vendors can join…
Step one is to sign up with Avangate (if you’re not already :).  Step two is to submit products to the Intel® stores. Don’t worry, this is done with a tick in the Avangate Control Panel – we made sure that Avangate clients benefit from complete business process and platform integration with the Intel® Business Exchange.  Also, it’s good to know that Intel acts as a power affiliate, so as soon as they accept your submitted products, you’re in.

OK, how much?
The required commission is min 30%. What you get in return is the benefit of a major marketing campaign that Intel is carrying out in Europe, not to mention you leverage the strong Intel brand just by displaying your products in the store.

Behind the scenes or rather behind the store
Well, there is, as with any big project, a “behind the scenes” story, the main idea is that we all put a lot of effort into getting the project up and running and launching on time (would be interesting to count the number of emails we exchanged and the hours spent in conference calls). But the launch is, of course, just a milestone for what is going to be (definitely!) a successful sales channel in the online software industry landscape.

These being said, I would like to welcome ISVs to the new stores! Bring them on (software products that is).

P.S. And just to prove that we are not boasting for nothing, here’s what Intel says about us:
From day one, Avangate has been a great partner in building this service.  The team’s insight, flexibility and commitment have proven invaluable to the successful creation of three Intel® Business Exchange sites across Europe.  Avangate will continue to play a critical role in the success of this initiative in the future”, said Wolfgang Petersen, Director SSG – Developer Relations Division, at Intel EMEA.

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