27 Things to Do Before Going Live with a New Website!

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Whether you are looking to go live with a new website or checking if you have done the right things with your existing ones, here is a great checklist provided by the experts at SEO Power Suite.

If you are a developer or a web designer, SEO specialist, copywriter or editor, marketing manager or system admin, there’s something in here for you. And if you are an affiliate looking to help your clients rank better online – the SEO PowerSuite Affiliate Program Launch is for you.

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27 Things to Do Before Going Live with a New Website:

Developers and Web Designers

  1. Make sure all website’s URL are live and working properly
  2. Check site speed – page load speed is an official Google ranking factor so ensure you won’t lose traffic
  3. Make sure the 404 page is set up correctly
  4. Ensure the site’s multi-device ready – it is a must for your website to be responsive and easy to browse on any device
  5. Validate code and CSS


  1. Check for possible indexation issues – crawlers should easily access your website
  2. Check for duplicate issues
  3. Make sure the URLs are search-engine friendly
  4. Install Google Analytics and create an account in Search Console
  5. Do keyword mapping for your website – always do research and make sure every page targets the necessary keywords
  6. Optimize meta-tags and content
  7. Use schema to mark up the content
  8. Check UX – appearance and user-friendliness always make a strong first impression – and you won’t get a second chance for making a first impression

Copywriters and Editors

  1. Make sure your content adds value – useful information and fresh news are crucial
  2. Proofread your content
  3. Use proper formatting
  4. Ensure the content is factual
  5. Keep content style concise
  6. Create a content map and stick to it – all sensitive subjects must be covered
  7. Create social media accounts for your brand

Marketing Managers

  1. Formulate unique selling propositions
  2. Plan outreach and advertising – think about influencers and bloggers, your target audience and allocate an adequate budget
  3. Set up your marketing tools – make sure they are easy to use and that you have an efficient real-time reporting

System Admins

  1. Create and manage site back-ups
  2. Monitor site uptime
  3. Get ready for big crowds – ensure your website supports heavy traffic
  4. Think security first – make sure your website is clean and malware free.

Want to learn more? Read the entire article chock full of best practices, real-life examples and useful tips to use.


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