2Checkout: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Weekend Surge in Digital Goods Sales

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As soon as Cyber Monday was over, we took a sneak peek into our platform numbers to see how sales evolved during the Thanksgiving promo period.

We looked particularly into software, SaaS, and online services sales, and we noticed (not surprisingly!) a decent increase during the 2019 Black Friday weekend, with transaction volumes going up 37%, compared to an average day during November (daily average during 1-28 November 2019 compared to daily average during Friday Nov 29 – Tuesday Dec 3rd 2019).

Online Sales

Let’s see also some movements for the top 10 countries in the 2Checkout charts: USA, UK, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, and Spain.

The USA, the country with the highest software and online services sales volumes overall, is also the country with the highest sales volumes during the promotional period. In terms of percentage increase compared to a normal daily average, it ranks sixth in the top 10 for Cyber Monday (with a 56% increase compared to an average day during November).  For the entire Thanksgiving period, the US saw only a modest increase in sales, of 33% compared to the daily November average.

Out of the top 10 countries, Germany leads the pack with a 51% increase in sales for the whole promotional period, with Canada following closely with 49%.

The highest increases in sales were, as expected, on Cyber Monday, with Spain registering a staggering 80% increase in sales, Italy 77%, and Germany 66%.

Top 10 countries: Overall sales of software, SaaS, online services (last 12 months) Top 10 countries: Thanksgiving & Cyber Monday sales of software, SaaS, online services (last 7 days) Increase in sales:  Thanksgiving period compared to the daily November average Increase in sales: Cyber Monday compared to the daily November average
US US Germany: 51% Spain: 80%
UK UK Canada: 49% Italy: 77%
France France Spain: 48% Germany: 66%
Germany Canada Italy: 44% UK: 63%
Canada Germany Netherlands: 42% Canada: 57%
Australia Australia UK: 39% US: 56%
Italy Italy France: 37% Japan: 55%
Japan Spain Australia: 37% Netherlands: 51%
Netherlands Netherlands US: 33% Australia: 46%
Spain Japan 10. Japan: 28% France: 45%

Interesting fact: China sees an average increase in sales of 77%, however not for the Black Friday weekend, which did not register any increase in sales; instead, the growth is attributed to the Singles Day period, celebrated in China on Nov 11, 2019. Hong Kong has also seen significant increases on Singles Day, 93% compared to the daily November average.

Shopping online

In terms of software, SaaS and other digital goods or online services purchased, end-point security products are leading the charts for all countries, followed mostly by audio-video tools and utilities, except for the US, where financial products are coming on a strong second place.

Most purchased products during the sales period:

  • US: end-point security, financial products, audio-video
  • UK: end-point security, utilities, audio-video
  • France: end-point security, privacy, audio-video
  • Germany: end-point security, audio-video, language learning
  • Canada: end-point security, audio-video, utilities

Most clients in the 2Checkout portfolio have set-up special promotional campaigns during the Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday period, with many of them continuing the Cyber sales during the first week of December.

Happy Sales!

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