Upgrade Global Payments, Recurring Plans, Conversion Rates and Availability with the 2014 Avangate Spring Release

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The 2014 Avangate Spring Release delivers on our continued commitment to simplify the complex world-wide payment ecosystem, create efficient conversion optimization tools, support your diversified channel strategies and fuel global scalability and availability for your commercial infrastructure.

Increase Retention and Conversion with new Advanced Payment Tools

New ways to manage payments will help you keep pace with the latest financial legislation in the European Union, reach shoppers in the United States better than ever before and optimize the shopping interface to shorten the purchase funnel, a best practice for driving conversions.

Decrease Churn Rates

SEPA, ACH and iDeal Recurring Payments

SEPA – EU legislation is slowly but inevitably pushing European customers towards SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area), establishing a common payment infrastructure across Europe, making cross-border direct debit transactions standard, even for domestic payments.

Avangate’s SEPA Direct Debit support gives customers in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria the option of using Direct Debit for manual purchases as well as recurring transactions by utilizing International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and Bank Identification Code (BIC) information together with transaction mandates and helps you be SEPA compliant without any effort.

ACH – Avangate has extended the list of payment methods available to customers in the United States with the addition of ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments. Known as Direct Debit in Europe, ACH enables US shoppers to pay for online purchases with direct bank account transfers including support for recurring orders.

iDeal recurring – Support for recurring payments provides you with a simple way to enable customers in the Netherlands to use their preferred payment method for the subscription renewal process in addition to their initial purchases.

A payment method designed for secure online account-to-account transactions, iDeal is the top choice for online purchases for approximately 55% of Dutch consumers, with 80% of web shoppers in the Netherlands noting familiarity with this payment method.

Retry Logic for Subscription Renewals 2.0

Avangate’s retry logic for subscription renewals is now more configurable than ever. Highly flexible retry strategies for failed card transactions enable you to salvage a consistent portion of lost recurring revenue by adapting retry tactics to maximize conversions and also ensure uninterrupted service for customers. Once enabled, retry logic increases the overall authorization rates for subscription renewals by 5 to 10%, covering subscription renewals (even for imported items) and trial conversions, and you can adjust the settings to find the best configuration for your customers.

Lead Management Optimizations

The freshly expanded Avangate dunning mechanism offers unprecedented control over the process of salvaging failed orders due to unfinished payments. Target customers at a granular level, differentiating between follow-up emails for failed one-time transactions using the shopping cart and incomplete payments resulted as a part of the subscription renewal process, namely from recurring charges.

More Control and Scalability

Streamlined Cart (less fields)

A new ordering process optimization enables you to streamline the shopping cart and reduce shopper strain by reducing the info input needed for purchase to essential details. Using this feature, you can optimize required billing details and focus on those sufficient to complete purchases. Eliminate redundancy to ease your customers’ path toward conversion.

Cross-selling Placements and Upselling Discounts

We’ve added new ways to incentivize shoppers and increase the Average Order Value (AOV). The latest enhancements to Avangate’s upselling campaigns make it easy to increase the appeal of upgrades and add-ons with discounts that you control.

You can also take advantage of a range of options to recommend additional offerings to your customers through highly adaptable cross-selling campaigns. Offer special deals through cross-selling after shoppers finish placing orders and charge them seamlessly using payment details on file. On top of this, cross-selling campaigns can now be extended to the post-sale email notification, providing shoppers with hard-to-refuse deals that complement their initial purchases.

End-User Information During Order Placing

Monitor your sales and get a better overview of channel activity to pinpoint opportunities for growth.

Enjoy a new level of control when managing orders from your resellers. You can now require end-user information from your partners as a stage of the ordering process, helping you keep track of your product’s users.

Leading Platform – Independent cart

Avangate has made a key investment in enhancing the infrastructure supporting customer interactions worldwide, all while delivering high availability and high performance. Avangate’s hosted ordering pages can now function as a standalone system, regardless of geography, with each deployment processing orders and payment authorizations independently of the rest of the system, even as it still acts like a component of the platform.

This is only a snippet of our new features and product enhancements released over the past quarter. For a complete overview, join us today and check our release notes in Control Panel.

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