Avangate Spring ‘16 Release: Maximize Revenue Growth with Conversion & Retention Enhancements

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With the Spring 2016 release, Avangate continues to build on its all-in-one platform designed to accelerate your path to revenue and enhance customer relationships.

Grow with the Power of Data

New analytics and business intelligence features simplify the way you access your Key Performance Indicators for your business.

Monthly Business Reviews

Avangate is committed to helping all our partners achieve success and we’ve invested in bringing Monthly Business Reviews (MBRs) right to your mailbox. MBR data provides a personalized performance overview of your business helping you identify new opportunities to increase revenue and strengthen customer relationships.

Just as your dedicated Customer Success Manager, you’ll get a centralized report with all the critical trends and metrics for your business, extracted directly from the Avangate system, including, but not limited to:

  • Revenue Trends – Total sales, recurring and upgrades contribution
  • Global Markets – Performance in local markets, top payment methods
  • Marketing Campaigns – Revenue uplift tools contribution
  • Distribution Performance trends – Affiliates & partners network activity
  • Payment Operations metrics – Authorization rates, chargebacks and refunds

Adobe Analytics Integration

The new Adobe Analytics conversion reports provide insights into your top converting markets and payment methods, monthly conversion rate, and shopping cart traffic. This feature represents a first step – but also a major milestone in our effort to leverage best-of-breed software available on the market, creating the foundation of an integrated, ready-to-use Partner Ecosystem.

Salesforce.com Log Monitor

Avangate is now providing end-to-end visibility into the integration with Salesforce.com, enabling you to monitor performance and troubleshoot issues with a new log monitor. Track Salesforce events logged for your account and resolve issues quickly, with full visibility over all data Avangate pushes into SalesForce from your account.

Automate Customer Acquisition and Retention

Avangate offers a range of solutions to boost your conversion rate, created with retention in mind at every stage of the commerce lifecycle.

Account Updater for Europe

Account Updater capabilities ensure recurring billing continuity for subscribers in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The new release extends the coverage of its Account Updater to customers using Visa and MasterCard in four European markets: United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy and Greece.

Smarter payments empower you to reduce churn and increase authorization rates by automatically updating account information for customers, to ensure that recurring charges successfully authorize for their cards. With the built-in Account Updater Services, Avangate proactively updates cards for subscription customers prior to expiration – increasing retention by 10%-40%.

New Local Payments – Turkey – with Installment Option

Start counting Turkey among the global markets worldwide for which Avangate supports local processing. Avangate is now linked to all major Turkish banks, offering one-off payments and installments for the most popular domestic credit/debit cards (Visa and MasterCard).

Similar to Brazil, installments are a part of Turkey’s payment culture and local processing enables shoppers to spread the total costs of a purchase over up to 9 payments. The most popular cards for installments are Bonus and Maximum, amounting to roughly 80% of the market.

Besides Bonus and Maximum, we are offering support for installments through the following cards/banks: World, Paraf, Bank Asya and CardFinans. Additional debit/credit cards also supported, without installments: Axess, Advantage, Miles and Smiles and more.

Real-time Banking – Sweden and Finland

Collect more revenue from Nordic countries by enabling local customers to use their preferred local payment methods. Real-time online bank transfers are now available to customers in Finland via the three largest local banking groups and to Swedish shoppers using all major local banks. Moreover, real-time online bank transfers are also available for purchases made by shoppers in Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Poland and Italy.

Optimize the Purchase Funnel

This spring, Avangate has invested in new features and tools designed to remove conversion barriers and bottlenecks.

1 Click PayPal Upsell and Cross-Sell

Increase Customer Lifetime Value(CLTV) and boost conversion rates with Avangate 1-click ordering for returning customers. Bitdefender, a leading security provider increased their conversion rate from 4.8% to 14% and AOV by 12% using 1-Click Ordering – read more in the case study.

Facilitate new purchases, subscription renewals and upgrades for existing subscribers who paid for their previous orders with PayPal or credit/debit cards. Customers get all the benefits of utilizing payment-on-file data and none of the hassles associated with churn-driving cart funnels.

Check out the 1-click best practices on the Avangate Developer Portal (REST, SOAP, JSON_RPC).

Threshold Promotions

Align promotional tactics targeting increased conversion with Average Order Value (AOV). Avangate now enables you to set order value thresholds as triggers for discounts. You can now incentivize shoppers to purchase by increasing the appeal of high value dynamic bundles of products based on total order value.

API Client-side Encryption

Avangate API allows you to offload the burden of handling sensitive credit card data, while remaining in control over your customer’s shopping experience. The fact that you might not be storing card data, while it passes through your infrastructure still makes you a candidate for PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance.

By using the Avangate JavaScript library, you can encrypt sensitive payment information provided by your shoppers before the data reaches your servers.


Watch the Spring ’16 Release Webinar

Watch our webinar to learn the benefits and how-tos behind the Avangate Spring ’16 Release and learn about how this can impact your business today.


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