Affiliate Interview: ITE.HU, Affiliate Wars Contest Winner

2 minutes

Szuhi Attila of ITE.HU placed third in our recent Avangate Network Affiliate Wars Contest despite being relatively new to the world of affiliate marketing. We interviewed him about his affiliate marketing techniques and overall approach to creating online content.

See what he had to say about his review process, passion for authentic recommendations and getting into affiliate marketing. He’s a great example of someone whose specific expertise—in this case, SEO—led to the affiliate industry.


  1. How long have you been working in the affiliate marketing industry and what’s your main role at ITE.HU?

My main focus is search engine optimization, that led me to my first encounter with affiliate marketing. In fact, I received my first affiliate income just two years ago in early 201, so I can say that I’m new to this profession. As an SEO professional, there are many SEO software tools that I use myself. When these software tools have affiliate programs, I try to connect to them.

On the other question, was the first SEO news portal in Hungary, and to date, is one of the most read search engine optimization sites in my country. Today it is more like a blog and not a news portal. I am the senior SEO manager there.


  1. What’s your biggest affiliate marketing challenge right now and why?

Keeping authenticity is my biggest challenge. As I mentioned, I only promote software that I use myself and I can really recommend. I think my promotion will be credible then, and my affiliate marketing is more effective if I don’t recommend everything, but just what really works.

It is important that most of my content does not have any affiliate links and I make very few recommendations. That’s why when I make an exception and really recommend a software program, it raises the attention of my readers and followers.

I also only offer software that I would recommend without an affiliate link.


  1. Name the most successful affiliate project you’ve worked on. What do you think made it successful?

My most successful affiliate program is linked to SEMrush. I think this is the most successful program because I have been using this application for a long time. There are many articles and videos on the subject. So when I joined their affiliate program, I didn’t have to do something I hadn’t done before.

I have shown that it is good to use the software to achieve results on my own pages.


  1. Can you tell us three digital marketing trends every company should look at and prepare for in the next two years?

Applying artificial intelligence and machine learning on a small scale, using voice search and structured data.


  1. How do you think our network helps ITE.HU achieve its goals as an affiliate?

With the Avangate system, I find a lot of potential affiliate partners, so I don’t have to search for partners individually and contract with them. This greatly facilitates administrative work, and I can concentrate on substantive tasks.


  1. Any advice for affiliate newcomers who are promoting software and digital goods?

First, have your expertise, followers, and credibility, and then start promoting your products.



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