2Checkout Winter ’17 Release: Optimize Customer Conversion and Lifetime Value with Global Payment and Retention Tools

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With the Winter 2017 release, we’re introducing a collection of new capabilities to advance our vision – we grow the digital sales and subscription relationships for our clients worldwide.

Personalized Checkout Experiences

We’ve invested a great deal of effort into optimizing ConvertPlus by building in tried and tested conversion best practices. But since we’re not big believers in a one-size fits all approach, we want you in control of your checkout experience.

We’ve designed the Cart Editor with the purpose of allowing you to customize ConvertPlus shopping cart pages using a simple WYSIWYG tool. Use the real-time previewing capabilities to evaluate changes on the desktop version of the cart, but also on the flavors for smartphones and tablets for each step of the ordering process.


Global Payments & Increased Conversions

Mobile wallet: WeChat Pay

WeChat Pay is responsible for almost 30% of online payments made by Chinese shoppers, which makes it a ‘must’ when it comes to converting Chinese leads into buyers. To help you provide a seamless checkout experience, placing orders with WeChat Pay is available via API as well. This is in addition to the existing 2Checkout integrations with Alipay, along with local cards such as UnionPay, totaling over 95% coverage for digital payments in Chinese speaking markets.

Real-time bank transfers: TrustPay

Increase your conversion rates in Central Europe by using one of the preferred payment methods from this region. TrustPay combines the benefits real-time bank transfers from shoppers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with the safeness of no chargebacks requests.

Digital wallets: Skrill and Neteller

We’ve extended our payment support to include digital wallets such as Skrill and Neteller, which have a combined reach of over 45 million users worldwide.

Owed to their simplicity, Skrill and Neteller are used by customers all over the world, and they can help you increase your conversion rate with customers from South-east Asia or Eastern Europe.


Enhanced Subscription Management and Customer Retention Tools

Custom Subscription Renewal Experiences

Reach your subscribers across any touchpoint with custom subscription renewal experiences powered by the 2Checkout API. As of version 4.0, you can create in-app and one-click experiences and enable users to renew their subscriptions seamlessly, even if they opted out of the automatic recurring system.

Flexible Renewals

Making the subscription renewal process as flexible as possible for your shoppers has always been an important part of customer retention efforts. You can now allow your customers to change their pricing option on subscription renewal, increasing your recurring revenue. Your customers will surely appreciate the ability of switching to their preferred pricing option on renewal, without the need of placing a new order.

Custom Renewal Notifications

When it comes to keeping your customers satisfied, deciding when is the right time to engage them is a key issue. 2Checkout now allows you to personalize the renewal notifications schedule. The new flow empowers you to set custom intervals at which renewals reminders are sent.

Smarter Upgrade Flow

Use flexible upgrade flows to monetize your existing customer base and increase your Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV). We’ve turned our upgrade process into a powerful tool, which allows setting custom parameters in the upgrade links, with the purpose of meeting customers’ expectations during the upgrade process.

Dashboard focused on subscriptions

We’ve redesigned our Control Panel for allowing you to better monitor the evolution of your subscriptions, with clear trends of new acquisitions and recurring payments. We’re also making it easier for you to retrieve the information you need, as now you’ll be able to export data directly from dashboard.

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