2Checkout Summer 2019 Release – Optimize Business Performance Worldwide

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We are very excited to announce today our Summer ’19 product release, which brings merchants an all-in-one solution to ensure business scalability for any type of product and service!

The latest 2Checkout offering includes Advanced Order and catalogue management options for any type of products – digital or physical – enabling your business to rapidly scale, grow revenue streams across channels and optimize digital commerce operations through a flexible all-in-one monetization platform.


This release encompasses updates to the payments, eCommerce, subscription billing, and distribution channels stacks, as well as to tax and compliance services. Our new and improved capabilities help you sell any type of physical or digital product anywhere in the world with smarter payments and an improved experience for both you and your customers.

You can reduce the back-end work and retain more customers with smart subscription management tools, higher conversion and authorization rates, and out-of-the-box tools to grow customer revenue. Keep reading to learn all about the features included in this release.


Advanced Ordering Engines – maximize conversion rates on all channels

Inline Cart with a streamlined interface

In 2018 the global average rate of cart abandonment reached 75.5%, costing businesses quite a lot of money. The 2Checkout Inline Cart was created to offer customers a seamless experience that adapts the checkout page to any device. The cart has been designed following the latest user experience and conversion optimization best practices, with a simple and straightforward interface which does not contain distracting elements. Most importantly, the shopper is never redirected to a separate checkout page, as happens with traditional hosted shopping carts.


However, since each industry and business model has distinct needs and customer types, we encourage you to A/B test our various ordering engines and choose the best ones for your business based on data. To help with that, we have also launched a conversion rate optimization (CRO) service that enables merchants to A/B test different ordering engines (like the Inline Cart), without having to invest any of their resources. The 2Checkout CRO team will handle everything, from implementation to tracking and sharing results.


Enhancements and optimizations for ConvertPlus

ConvertPlus, our full-stack shopping cart solution, was built from the beginning using the latest technology and available frameworks for increased conversion rates, security and performance. It includes tools to continuously experiment, allowing advanced customization and any type of integration whether hosted, inline or API complete controls.


Since launch, it has been continuously optimized from look and feel to returning customer logic and display payment methods. You can customize it with various ordering templates and cart flows, form lengths, payment methods based on shoppers’ geolocation, as well as offer buyers the possibility to change the product price and quantity options during manual renewal (for subscriptions).


Subscriptions made simple

You can get an even better understanding of the subscription lifecycle through more detailed reports and at-a-glance information on all aspects of your subscriptions.

You can also increase your renewal rates with our advanced Revenue Recovery Tools, which include renewal attempts before subscription expiration (pre-expiration billing).


Global Payments with Authorization insights


If you sell into the Belgian market, you can now increase your conversion and authorization rates by offering shoppers one of the preferred payment methods in the country! Bancontact is the market leader for electronic payments in Belgium, with 150,000 online transactions per day and a 35%+ total market share in local eCommerce. Adding Bancontact as a payment method for your business will help you access this market faster and increase your customer base.



Enjoy the control you deserve with our self-managing payment settlement tools. You can edit your payout details (methods and currencies) from the 2Checkout Control Panel, choosing from several currencies to minimize FX rates costs, or defining minimum transfer limits and more.


Authorization Dashboard

Get additional insights on your customers’ behavior with the expanded 2Checkout Authorization Dashboard and get insights related to transactions performance by payment methods and order types.


Global Tax – from challenge to advantage

Tax coverage for any business model anywhere in the world

Today, there are many countries that are enforcing tax computation regardless of Merchant offices. No matter where you sell and what business model you use, you can let us handle your Sales Tax and VAT.


Regulatory Compliance

At 2Checkout we are constantly adjusting our platform to ensure compliance with the latest laws and regulations across the world. We have updated our products to be compliant with the most recent tax and fiscal regulatory changes in the UAE, India, Belarus, and Turkey and we are working on implementing compliance with the upcoming September 2019 Strong Customer Authentication rules (as per the PSD2 Directive) impacting all EU online merchants and the way online transactions are handled.


Performance and Scalability – Grow your Business in an Ecosystem with High Scalability

In a world of high-speed interactions and connections, platform scalability is a crucial determining factor for the success of any eCommerce business.  At 2Checkout we are constantly striving to improve the performance and scalability of our products. Our recent updates in this respect include data center infrastructure upgrades to support growing transaction volumes and improved security and data privacy tools and processes.


Want to find out more about the benefits and how-tos behind the 2Checkout Summer Release ’19?  Join our July 11th webinar to learn all about our latest release straight from our Product Managers.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more.


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