How is the software channel coping with the crisis

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No more than 20 questions :) and you will receive a full copy of the survey report.

I won’t lie to you: at the beginning of the month we had no intention of doing a survey on channel distribution in the software industry. Now we are.  More than that, we have put more and more effort into it as we were designing the questionnaire and it’s grown into this wonderful piece of research … It  became my baby project.Take the Software Channel Survey now.

How has this all started? From a discussion about an ad we had to do for a reseller newsletter. We wanted to produce something different, not just a boring ad… but rather à la @Neil Davidson in his interruption marketing post. Well, we didn’t quite match Napoleon & the Hemorrhoids, nevertheless we did come up with something we believe is very useful and interesting to share with the world.

So, yes, we’re doing a survey on how the crisis is impacting the channel distribution in the software industry. If you are:

  • an ISV using a partner network or
  • a reseller in the software industry,

take our brief survey and become part of the study – find out how your own challenges and solutions regarding the channel compare with those of your peers. See also what your channel counterparts need from you to beat the crisis and achieve mutual success (big words, but true… you’d pay good money to find out, wouldn’t you?).

Goes without saying that you’ll get a copy of the survey report if you fill in the questionnaire. No more than 20 questions, so you can do it quickly, promise :).

Get cracking – start the 2009 Software Channel Survey now!

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