Exciting News for Avangate Affiliates and Vendors

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I remember from my early days as an affiliate that waiting for the commission check to arrive, then cash it in were amongst the most annoying things of the affiliate marketing business.

It was annoying because you had to wait for the money to re-invest instead on focusing on growing the business. Wire transfers sometimes are subject to high banking fees.

Even with PayPal (PayPal made things slightly better for the affiliates), you still had to withdraw the money to a card (and that added some more fees) or to a bank account. My time working for software vendors showed it was quite the same for software vendors – waiting for the check to arrive or paying wire transfer fees. That’s why I’m truly happy today to be in the position to give excellent news to the Avangate vendors and affiliates: we are launching the new Avangate Prepaid MasterCard powered by Payoneer. You can now choose to get paid on the Avangate Prepaid MasterCard so you could spend or withdraw cash from the ATM in your local currency at favorable exchange rates!

This is a faster, less expensive and more convenient payment option compared to paper checks and wire transfers. Even more, you can easily check you account, balance, view transaction history and perform payments online 24/7.

Getting the card is quite easy – you can request the payment to an Avangate card from the Control Panel, at any time.

Sounds like a good time for being an affiliate, but being a Marketing Manager also has some advantages: I will have one for myself!

PS: If you are an Avangate vendor or affiliate, for the first 2 months (until March 16th 2009) we are running a special promotion: no activation fee!

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