Industry Buzz – September 2023

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Welcome to the September edition of our Monthly Newsletter! As we step into a new month, we are excited to bring you a wealth of insights, updates, and trends from the world of digital commerce and monetization. This month, we’re thrilled to unveil the 2023 Verifone  Release for the 2Checkout Monetization Platform, packed with cutting-edge advancements aimed at supercharging your online business.  

In this edition we’ll also cover actionable tactics and trends from the emerging SaaS markets to put into practice when scaling your business. We’ll also delve into key aspects of eCommerce success, customer relationship management for SaaS businesses, harnessing AI for boosting your online sales, and more! 

As October draws closer with new business opportunities, we’re thrilled to let you know that you can find us at two top industry events this month, Cloud Expo Asia and SaaStock Dublin. If you are also participating, come by our booths to say hello! 

Happy selling! 


Finely-tuned ordering engines that streamline purchase flows, subscription monetization strategies that pave the way for sustained growth, and insights provided by enhanced reporting capabilities; these are just a few of the capabilities brought to you by this fresh product release. Discover the full list of features now available through our all-in-one monetization platform. 




Understanding what makes a SaaS free trial successful and when it can be detrimental to your business will help you scale rapidly, increase revenue, and build your customer base. Find out how to leverage free trials to help you scale rapidly. 


Long-lasting customer relationships are vital to growing any business, especially those in the SaaS sphere. Tracking customer success metrics helps retain customers and improve their experience.  


Ready to take your online sales to new heights with the help of AI? Watch this webinar to hear from Dawn Harpster, Senior Conversation Designer; Kasim Aslam, Founder and CEO at Solutions 8; Abby Hehemann, Director of Product Marketing at GetResponse; and Verifone’s own Michael Nicholas, Head of Digital Sales, Americas, as they perform a deep dive into how you can unleash the power of AI tools in the dynamic playing field of online selling. 




The eLearning market has been on the rise, and its impact is felt far and wide, especially in the eCommerce landscape. If you’re looking to start an online business, this vertical can prove to be a profitable niche.  

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, eCommerce businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to elevate their operational efficiency and achieve seamless scalability. Discover how cloud-driven strategies can enable online businesses to boost their growth. 


Discover the world of selling in the digital world with Katie Penner, Head of Sales Development Strategy & Enablement at Sendoso. In this session, Katie will explore the key strategies and tactics that can elevate your eCommerce sales game by leveraging the timeless power of human connection, even in a digital landscape. 




The SaaS sector is witnessing robust growth, with significant potential in emerging markets. Understand the crucial sector challenges and how to identify and capitalize on potential opportunities in these regions. 


When it comes to boosting your SaaS conversions, the pricing pages hold a crucial key for communicating your solution’s positioning and value. Find out what makes a pricing page effective and how to build one that is high-converting to hypergrow your online sales. 


The new era in online commerce is marked by consumers’ preference for using their mobile devices for shopping. Amidst this evolving landscape, one of the foremost hurdles for merchants lies in delivering and safeguarding seamless mobile shopping experiences, with particular emphasis on streamlining the checkout process. Explore 2Checkout’s Mobile SDKs and unveil how they empower businesses to achieve triumph in mobile commerce (mCommerce). 




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