Industry Buzz – February 2018

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This month, we’re bringing you the usual roundup of product updates and resources, the latest industry buzz and helpful tips for growing your business.

We’re also proud to announce that 2Checkout was named on two Constellation ShortListsTM: Matrix Commerce Campaign to Commerce and Smart Services Digital Monetization Platforms.

Without further ado, here are some great articles from last month.


In 2018, the need for SaaS data backup is turning into a priority. The next 12 months will shine a spotlight on the need for comprehensive data protection and compliance, due to new data privacy regulations, including GDPR, and increasing instances of ransomware attacks.


According to a Statista report, global e-Commerce sales are projected to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021, therefore it’s very important to stay relevant. Besides having an excellent product, business owners should also create a website that is as user-oriented as possible. After all, an e-commerce site acts as a 24/7 salesperson for your company. This article offers some best practices and design trends that will help you build a better website.


In today’s highly competitive world, customer acquisition costs are on the rise, which is shifting attention to customer retention. To keep customers coming back, you need to understand why users sign up and use your app or service, what actions they perform and what triggers customer stickiness or churn. Watch this webinar with analytics expert Claudiu Murariu at InnerTrends, and you’ll learn how to do all of that.

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Are you selling digital products worldwide? Domestic payment methods and currencies can make international customers feel more “at home” in your shopping cart, which results in higher conversion rates. This datasheet shares more than 45 payment methods by region and at country level, supported out of the box by 2Checkout. Get your copy!


Chargeback rate is an important indicator of the health of your business. You should aim to keep chargebacks at the lowest possible level, otherwise you lose money. This eBook will guide you through the chargeback process, helping you understand why chargebacks occur and how to minimize them.


This article gathers a list of 17 great books that are meant to help you improve your sales strategy and tactics. Each book proposes unique angles and new sales approaches that will surely help you achieve long-term success in the SaaS and software industry. Which one did you read so far?


Ever heard of the 5X Law? To put it simply, the 5X Law states that a prospect will only convert if the perceived value is at least 5 times more than what they’re going to give to receive the product or service. Keep on reading to learn how you can apply it to your business.


Many might be confused about the difference between email marketing and marketing automation. It’s easy to think you have all your email marketing bases covered if you’ve scheduled a newsletter to go out every month or so. This post explores a few features of marketing automation platforms and also gives a few specific examples to help you find the best marketing software for your needs.


Last year, customer retention was considered one of the top business priorities. But what are the best ways to keep your existing customers delighted? If you still want to want to keep customers with you in 2018, you might want to check out this article. Eight experts share their predictions on the trends that matter.


GDPR is on everyone’s mind these days and it’s no wonder since its deadline is approaching fast. Our upcoming webinar will provide you with advice from industry experts on the keys to becoming GDPR compliant, including what matters most for software and SaaS companies.

Also, here are some online courses that may help you with the compliance process: GDPR Foundations Course and Data Protection Officer Course. These are completely free (the certification exam has a fee, but this step is not mandatory), and they are made for beginners.


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