Be Our Digital Marketing Hero and Go To Paris!

2 minutes

Calling all digital marketing heroes for a one-of-a-kind competition where the winners get teleported – ok, flown – to Paris for an amazing trip. The trip, as it turns out, is just the emblem on top of the Bat Mobile – the real prizes are the substantial cash and many other awards to be won.

If you haven’t entered yet, you can do it here now – No cape required.

But enough about the super prizes. The contest itself is the really extraordinary thing. In it, we’ve devised the perfect competition for our affiliates. For six months, our affiliates will get to battle it out to declare universal bragging rights in three key award categories.

  • Tier 3, the X-Affiliate – The X-Affiliate prize will go to any newly registered affiliate who manages to close at least one in-network sale during the contest period.
  • Tier 2, the Spider Affiliate – The Spider Affiliate prize will be given to the affiliate with the largest increase in sales volume between the competition period and the one preceding.
  • Tier 1, the Super Affiliate – The Super Affiliate prize will be given to the top performing affiliate.

While the contest runs for six months, prizes will be awarded periodically at the end of each round.

Cash Rewards – 1st Round – February 2016

The first round winners (one for each tier) will be announced at the beginning of February and will receive the below cash awards.

  • The X-Affiliate – $500 USD
  • The Spider Affiliate – $1000 USD
  • The Super Affiliate – $1500 USD

Trips to Paris with day-tickets to Disneyland

The second round winners will be announced May 10, with all three Tier winners earning a trip to Paris, including day-tickets to Disneyland – either for some romance and intrigue, or, if they prefer, rest and relaxation.

Prove your Super Skills! And start selling right away

While Avangate’s Network features the highest margins – up to 75% — in the industry for SaaS, online services and top software, the contest gives you the opportunity to do even better with cash, trips and mystery bonus prizes provided by some of our partners.

Once entered, you’ll automatically become a member of our Super Affiliate League and will be eligible to receive the latest news and freshest deals from our vendors on everything from audio & video products and productivity and office tools to business software and multimedia goodies.

So make sure to check your email inbox frequently for our messages.

Enter today to join your super affiliate colleagues in the battle to win some really fabulous prizes and cash.

And remember, while Avangate’s platform and features make it easy for affiliates to sell, even superheroes need help occasionally. When you do, help is always just a keystroke way at

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