Avangate Wins 5

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Avangate Wins 5!Avangate celebrates its five year anniversary today. To mark the occasion, we sat down on soft couches and thought hard about what we’ve gained in all of these years. And came up with a little concept that has since grown on us:

Avangate Wins 5:

  • 5 Years of Experience
  • 5 Years of Trust
  • 5 Years of Knowledge
  • 5 Years of Fun
  • 5 Years of Success

And Thousands of Enthusiastic Partners!


Plus we threw in an anniversary fun contest to go with it so we can celebrate together. Cool prizes to be won!

Now about our story, which actually starts in 1992, being part of a larger IT group. Avangate as a brand was born in 2005 – back then we were starting with the idea that we could bring a new level of services in eCommerce for the software vertical. It has not always been a smooth journey, but five years down the road tell us we did well. Our 1,500+ clients and 18,000+ affiliates surely agree.

[Tricky to make a selection of testimonials]

  • Avangate really helped our business grow
  • We couldn’t be more satisfied with our e-commerce provider
  • Avangate is proving to us their flexibility and responsiveness
  • We’ve seen dedicated support to move things forward
  • Most excellent service

Let’s face it, five years in the eCommerce business is not so short. The industry is evolving at such a fast pace, it feels like running all the time. Without pit stops. We have to be ahead of the game. Always with you, our partners, and your customers in mind, measuring, optimizing, bringing in new payment methods, new languages in the shopping cart, new services, partnerships, learning to communicate in new ways. No Twitter or Facebook walls back in the old days! Also, I remember we had at some point in 2006 a debate about whether to start a company blog or not :).

A trip down memory lane?

Let’s try: the first conference we went to, first client press release, launching the Affiliate Network, opening an office in the US, the Avangate website localized for the first time (in Russian), Casual Drinks in California, getting PCI DSS level 1 compliance, first Avangate conference in China… and just to spice things up, the coolest team building (looking forward to the next one coming very, very soon).

Happy Birthday, Avangate! Thank you all who helped us get here!

P.S. Celebrate with us: join the fun contest. Cool prizes. Don’t miss it!

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