How to Convert Shopping Cart Abandons with TrialPay

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TrialPay Lead Follow-up integrated into Avangate platform[/caption]

Everybody is complaining about low software sales since this crisis situation got on the front page. It’s easy to figure out why. The million dollar question now is how a software vendor can increase software sales or at least keep income on the survival level.

I believe the answer implies a bit of creativity on your side and openness to experimenting. The client is more and more difficult to convince into buying your software and that is why I propose to try out the TrialPay incentive, which is the big “GET IT FOR FREE” button.
TrialPay Lead Follow-up integrated into Avangate platform

For those of you who don’t know already, TrialPay gives you the possibility of offering your software product for free to your customer and in return receiving a certain amount of money (usually less than your list price, but more than the minimum you are willing to receive) by being a referrer for another brand inside the TrialPay network. And that of course, is way better than no sales.

With TrialPay everyone wins: shoppers get a free product, vendors earn more revenue and advertisers acquire new customers. Because vendors’ success is our success as well, we already integrated into our eCommerce platform the TrialPay system, so that you don’t have to implement more than one system in order to sell your software. And most vendors chose to already tryout this innovative marketing tool, successfully managing to convert shopping cart abandons into software sales.

And there’s more to it: using the Avangate lead management system, integrated into your Control Panel, you can visualize all leads collected during the checkout process, when users chose to abandon the shopping cart, as well as leads coming from the trial version of your software. Then, you can either chose the TrialPay follow-up or export all email addresses thus collected to create your email marketing campaign, with or without TrialPay functionality.

See what other software vendors have to say about TrialPay – on ASP Forum as well, if you are a member .
Of course, it depends. What works for others might not be good enough for you. But it won’t hurt trying. Here is how you could experiment on TrialPay implementations:

    1. Convert shopping cart abandons into sales

Activate the automatic TrialPay follow-up, so that all collected leads have receive the TrialPay offer by email. Or you can manually send the TrialPay follow-up only for selected products. This is the most used method by Avangate vendors.

    1. Buy | Download | GET IT FOR FREE

Use the TrialPay link in the Avangate Control Panel to create “Get it for free” buttons right on your product page. Maybe this is exactly what your customers need in order to get your product. You would not be the first one trying this. See how others are doing it.

    1. Never let them stop using your software | Uninstall TrialPay offer

When users are in the middle of uninstalling your software trial version, you can prompt them to get your product for free, through TrialPay. Others have tried this as well, so make sure you learn from their mistakes: don’t prompt registered users to use TrialPay;). Get inspiration from here on implementing this.

    1. Trial offer & Email campaign

If you can’t wait for users to uninstall your software, you may prompt them during the trial process with the TrialPay offer, inside the application. And never ignore the power of email campaigns, if you collect email addresses while users download your product – again, TrialPay might be just the perfect pitch for them.

    1. Testing landing pages

(later edit) Alwin Hoogerdijk shares his TrialPay tests and results on landing pages and website in this blog post:  Using TrialPay on landing pages.

So if you do not see in your Avangate Control Panel statistics 100% of order completion, I can imagine no reason why you should not at least try out the TrialPay system to see if you can convert those undecided customers into satisfied customers. In times of crisis, everybody loves freebies:).

And please, tell us about it – share your experience with TrialPay.

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