The oval problem-solving table

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Last night I woke up at around 3 o’clock and I couldn’t go back to sleep. When I cannot sleep I usually think of work. What I have to do the next day, what I left pending the day before and so on.

Last night though I was thinking of our oval table (I’ll explain what that is), picturing a constant flux of people coming at the table, sitting down with a problem and leaving with a solution and a maybe a to do list.

Avangate Oval Table

Avangate Oval Table

In our office we have loads of meeting rooms: a biggish training room and various other meeting rooms, with/ without projectors/ conference phones/ even a couple of cozy ones for up to four people only.

These are usually for pre-scheduled meetings, maybe longer meetings/ meeting requiring PPT presentations etc. However, the oval table is our favorite ad-hoc meeting place. I couldn’t help thinking how essential this “corner for problem-solving” is for our business.

It’s inside the open-space office, so you don’t need to get out and go to a “dedicated meeting room”. It’s inviting and has a positive, feel good factor attached to it – it’s also the place where we bring cookies every time we celebrate something significant or somebody’s birthday. But the most important thing is that it helps us solve day-to-day problems fast and efficient.

Do you have an oval table in your office?

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