Give Your Sales A Fresh Boost – Transact at Every Touchpoint with the Avangate ‘13 Spring Release

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We are all looking to enhance customer experience, engage with clients in the context of their usage, where and how they want to interact. How do you bring commerce into the equation? How can you engage AND transact at every touchpoint and, going beyond this, be consistent across touchpoints and channels?

This is what the latest release from Avangate is about – helping software and cloud services companies unify siloed cross-touchpoint commerce experiences. Although it sounds complicated, it really is not. With more flexibility and control brought into the platform, you can take mobile to the next level, make better use of integrations via API, enhance customer support and interaction with partners to fuel extra revenue.

Transact at Every Touchpoint

Fully Branded Mobile Shopping Cart

Adapting your engagement strategy to keep up with touchpoint diversification requires a mature set of tools designed to power customer experiences that can be accessed on any screen. Avangate’s advanced mobile shopping cart not only enables you to reach smartphone and tablet users, but to increase conversion rates with tailored mobile shopping experiences. You’ll be able to use a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor to personalize the mobile cart, or write your own CSS and JavaScript code for full customization.

Enhance billing flexibility with API updates

Avangate continues to invest in the evolution of our ecommerce API, providing you with a constant flow of enhancements designed to ensure that no touchpoint is unreachable. Using the Avangate API, it’s now easier than ever to extract product info based on stock keeping unit (SKU) details, retrieve subscription information, access payment data for shoppers, and resend invoices, even in multi-refund scenarios. In addition, the API supports the seamless transition of customers from the Avangate myAccount to your own shopper hubs, creating a superior experience that boosts sales.

The API enhancements also simplify other tasks, like monitoring subscriptions as they evolve through billing and contract cycles, tracking orders by source, managing multiple refunds, and even extracting complex ordering data stored by the Avangate system. Connector multi-currency and bundle support capabilities

Are you using both and Avangate? Then why not use the two together? With Avangate’s Salesforce Direct Connector (SFDC), you can extract data from the Avangate system and send it into automatically. The latest update to the SFDC delivers extra support to global businesses that sell in multiple currencies. Avangate handles advanced localization and more than 139 currencies, and now your international organization can take advantage of these multiple currencies for Salesforce’s opportunities, forecasts, reports, and more.

Selling your products or services in bundles? Then you’ll be happy to know that Avangate – Salesforce integrations now break down bundles and report order data for each product or service that actually reaches customers. This fine-tunes your analysis of what’s most popular with customers.

Drive Successful Interactions with the Avangate Customer Service Solution

Refund management expands to include partial refunds

Support customer loyalty by leveraging out-of-the-box assisted service functionality at your disposal with the updated Avangate platform. The latest upgrades empower customer service representatives to deliver the kind of superior support that increases user satisfaction. We’ve expanded the service resolution process with Extended Refund Management, offering you more control over resolving issues related to reimbursements. Total and multiple partial refunds can now be managed more efficiently, helping you deliver personalized service that meets customer needs.

Easy invoice management: resend invoices from the control panel

To enhance customer relationships further, Avangate produced assisted service enhancements that optimize invoice processing. On top of the automation options already available, new on-demand invoicing capabilities simplify the process of manually transmitting and re-transmitting invoices to customers so you’re working with consistent information.

User Activity Insights

The Avangate system has been enhanced with new self-service functionality, simplifying the tracking and logging of key actions performed by your cPanel users. This helps provide advanced insight into the activities of users such as customer service representatives. The new user activity reporting capabilities enable you to monitor a complex range of activities performed in the Avangate cPanel, segmented by cPanel user or action type, while enjoying data portability functionality for the info logged.

Grow Sales – Any Channel

Combine sales efforts across touchpoints with powerful, optimized distribution channels that diversify your reach and build new revenue streams.

With Customizable Partner Portals, Avangate is upgrading your channel commerce capabilities, enabling you to create branded, personalized experiences when selling to partner companies.

Even as partner relationships grow, it has never been easier to leverage the Avangate network of 37,000 affiliates. We’ve just introduced Enhanced Affiliate Newsletters that support advanced brand communication through customizable HTML messages. And to improve your relationships with affiliates, new cookie-less tracking capabilities ensure that your partners are rewarded for the sales and revenue they generate for your business.

Avangate is always ready to lend a helping hand, as illustrated by Outsourced Program Management (OPM) for Affiliates. Essentially, you’ll be able to tap Avangate experts for fully managed affiliate services, both multi-network and in the Avangate network, effortlessly building your partner base.

Express Payments Checkout Flow

Avangate has upgraded its collection of ordering flows with a new purchase process focused on streamlining payments. The new optimized payment flow minimizes billing data entry, and specifically facilitates high payment volumes through PayPal.

We recommend that you test the compatibility of existing shopping cart templates with the ‘Express payments checkout’ flow to ensure smooth purchase experiences for customers.

Sell More with Avangate Platform Enhancements

  • Automated campaigns for upselling and cross-selling: Subscription commerce is just a part of what Avangate offers. A healthy consumer base can be monetized well beyond the recurring payments that come from subscription renewals, with only minimal investment. Upselling and cross-selling provide excellent opportunities to create revenue streams that not only offset any subscriber churn, but also drive profits. New automated campaigns for upselling and cross-sell ing provide additional flexibility in offering your customers appealing ways to buy more.
  • Upselling with trials: Avangate’s upselling capabilities now include free trial offers for which payment details are collected. Whether used for promotional purposes, incentives, or as a spin on the traditional upsell, upselling with trials helps increase your revenue. Offer shoppers free trials of one product when they’re purchasing another, while also supporting seamless conversion to paid status at the end of the trial.
  • Promotion enhancements: Speaking of incentivizing shoppers, order promotions and multi-currency discounts are also live, reflecting Avangate’s continuous commitment to providing the right tools to convert users into customers and support localization efforts.
  • Direct Debit for Netherlands: To simplify payments even further, customers in the Netherlands can take advantage of a new way to pay for products. Avangate now supports Direct Debit for the Netherlands, having previously supported this payment method in Germany and Austria.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the new features in the Avangate 2013 Spring Release. Now it’s time to try them out! To get started, explore our documentation of these new ways to engage with customers and grow your sales.


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