AffStat Survey 2015 Is Now Open!

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It’s that time of the year when we gather round and share our thoughts on the affiliate marketing business. The AffStat 2015 Survey is now open for you to take and more important, to contribute to the future landscape of this ever-changing industry. Many networks, advertisers and publishers get ahead in the game because they always try to be customer-focused, to meet their clients’ needs even before they make it explicit. That’s why these surveys are crucial: for all sides to benefit and build even stronger partnerships.

Last year, Avangate Affiliates Network ranked amongst top global cost-per-sale affiliate networks in the AffStat Report, as part of the Affiliate Marketing Benchmark Report. More than eighteen-hundred affiliates were surveyed for the report which features dozens of charts of data and insights on affiliate marketers’ methods, preferences and strategies as well as demographics of affiliates.

What did we earn from the last year’s results? Some quick notes:

  • The majority of interviewed affiliates use SEO as the main method to attract traffic;
  • Commission is not as important as product relevancy or brand awareness when choosing an advertising to promote;
  • The primary target market is USA;
  • Most of the affiliates prefer to receive their payment via direct deposit.

You can download the full report here.

Once again we reach to you, our affiliates, to give your input: help us understand what you prefer, what you like most and least in this industry, what’s trending and what’s not. Take this fast, 4 step survey now and make your voice heard!

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