2Checkout’s Resolutions for a Successful 2019

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As we’re drawing the line on 2018, it’s time to reflect on what we’ve learned in the past year and think about what we should accomplish in the coming one. So we’ve asked our team members what they wish for 2Checkout in 2019.

Some wish for growth and expansion into new markets, others for bigger clients and bolder projects.

Rest assured, we’re going to pursue our promise to simplify modern commerce while getting closer to our users be it merchants, partners or shoppers and building a stronger than ever team. See for yourself below what we want to achieve in the next year and where we are planning to take 2Checkout.


Erich Litch

I wish 2Checkout to grow into new markets and find success selling to new types of companies. I also wish our company becomes a more recognized and respected name in the subscription billing market.

Erich Litch – President and COO


Madalina Teodorescu
Dear 2Checkout,
May you take advantage of all the great opportunities that are ahead while continuing to keep your clients and employees happy! Let 2019 be another amazing year, with high growth and being ahead of the market!
Madalina Teodorescu – Vice President of Human Resources


Laurentiu Ghenciu
In 2019, I wish we become an even stronger team with outstanding results, a team that customers talk about and recommend to others, a team that has already added amazing logos to the 2Checkout portfolio. A team that is bringing so much revenue to the company that we need to scale again and again our IT infrastructure. And last but not least, a team that is fun and knows how to party together after so much hard work!

Laurentiu Ghenciu – Vice President of Sales EMEA


Gregor Morela
I wish we’ll have continued double-digit revenue growth, achieved through building stronger teams across cultures and time zones.

Gregor Morela – CFO


Alexandra Marcu
2018 was a great year for 2Checkout with a lot of achievements. Just to name a few: we completed the Avangate/2Checkout rebranding process, we launched the new 2Checkout website and last but not least, we hosted a super successful Commerce event with top industry experts: CommerceNow 2018.

I am sure 2019 will be our best year yet, and it will bring us even more exciting new projects and launches that will disrupt the commerce industry. But most important, we are looking forward to fulfilling our marketing department vision: to make B2B Marketing inspiring and build great experiences together.

Alexandra Marcu – Vice President of Corporate Marketing


Vlad Iorga
I wish 2Checkout to be a top employer in 2019, to build a strong team of talented and dedicated people, have the most complete payment solution on the market and have the most reliable and scalable eCommerce platform.

Vlad Iorga – Global Director Underwriting Operations


I wish 2Checkout closes new and bigger clients that will push us beyond our limits and help us achieve the unbelievable. I hope 2019 will bring clarity and focus on the path to follow, to listen and follow our company’s heart.

Magdalena Nicola – Global Director Payment and Chargeback Operations


Gabriel Cercel
I wish to successfully complete the 2Checkout upgrade process and close at least two new corporate clients in the coming year. Hopefully, we will also look into lowering the processing costs while investing even more in our platform.

Gabriel Cercel – Senior Director, Finance


Diana Badea
Best wishes for a Happy and Successful 2019! The New Year is about new dreams, new experiences, and new challenges. May it bring us great successes, amazing colleagues and happy customers! Wishing you all great success in achieving your dreams and goals!

Diana Badea – HR Manager


Mircea Sulger
I would like to see expansion in new industries and verticals, by acquiring new merchants that sell various products, now that our platform supports any type of products, from digital goods to online services and physical goods.

Another endeavor for 2019 is to continue the development of our platform by adding new features that help our customers maximize the value of every digital buyer and offer the best checkout experience to their shoppers.

Mircea Sulger – Product Marketing Manager


Delia Ene
I wish for good health for everyone. And happiness. With these two, you can accomplish anything you want. And I wish for some great customer stories and WOW communications projects – we’ve done a good job so far, but a girl can always hope plan for more, right?

I couldn’t use “hope” there because “hope is not a strategy”.
Delia Ene – Senior Manager, AR & Communication


Mihai Bejgu
I am positive that throughout the next years, 2Checkout will continue to move up the ladder of success and will achieve more significant milestones, all through hard work, dedication and commitment. I hope we continue to grow our amazing team and that together we can inspire creativity and innovation, and position ourselves as role models for other players in the payments industry. Live long and prosper, 2Checkout!
Mihai Bejgu – Demand Generation Manager


Deborah Preston
I wish for 2CO to be incredibly successful in 2019, for the upgrade process to be completed, for the user experience to be fantastic and for all customer interactions to be the best in class! Growth all round and happy, engaged, excited employees!

Deborah Preston – Senior Director of Customer Success


Eugen Marinescu
In 2019, I wish 2Checkout to grow, to thrive and expand the payment service provider business. Of course, this can only be achieved by having a strong, great team, driven by commitment and hard work.

Eugen Marinescu – Senior Legal Counsel


Irina Panaitescu
All my best wishes for a great company! For the next year, I wish 2Checkout to land major achievements, to gather exciting moments and to continue helping our customers grow.

Irina Panaitescu – Team Lead, Client Success


Mihai Radu
I wish for us to focus on increasing our portfolio with bigger clients. In the next year, we should continue to invest in our platform and strive to provide excellent service to all our customers, for us to grow together.

Mihai Radu – Team Lead, Service Operations



What do you wish for 2Checkout in 2019? Drop a line below, we’d love to hear your thoughts!


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