Diversify Recurring Revenue Opportunities with the 2013 Avangate Winter Release

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Multiply your recurring revenue opportunities with the latest collection of features in Avangate’s 2013 winter release. Take the digitization of your customer centric experiences to the next level, embrace the proliferation of touchpoints and diversify your reach across channels. We’re continuing our investment into enhancing configurability and control, providing deeper alignment with your systems and accelerating time to market.

Advanced Subscription Management

Subscription management enables you to manage recurring revenue intelligently to increase conversion rates, optimize the purchase funnel, boost retention and minimize lost sales.

Cards on file for returning customers

Generate tokenized payment links for returning customers to display their previously used credit cards in the shopping cart, along with their pre-filled billing information. Advanced customizations can reduce the length of the purchase funnel and streamline the purchase process all the way down to a single click.

Custom renewal buy links for on-demand subscriptions

Your customers can start taking advantage of dedicated campaigns and special offers to renew their subscriptions on demand, well ahead of the expiration or renewal deadline. This is a great way to:

  • Increase retention rates using early renewals and amendments for specific subscriptions to specific customer cohorts.
  • Decrease churn by creating tailored subscription offerings to incentivize renewals, such as discounts, superior options, extended lifecycles and even upgrades to different products or plans.

Intelligent payment routing enhancements

The latest upgrades to payment routing along with the retry logic and Account Updater service have increased conversion rates by as much as 30% in some scenarios. Avangate’s payment engine can route payments to the appropriate gateway based on easily configurable rules like transaction type (new acquisitions and renewals), payment methods, currencies, customer billing country, and now also authorization response codes for failed communications. The addition is designed to recover recurring payments if the initial transaction fails (due to an expired credit card, for example) by automatically utilizing backup gateways covering payments generated from auto renewals and trial conversions.

Expanded Customer Management

Reducing customer churn is a key best practice in recurring revenue management strategies, but minimizing attrition is just part of the story. You can now empower your customers to take an active role in payment management and facilitate successful conversions.

myAccount multiple card management

myAccount now features advanced functionality that enables customers to add and update credit or debit cards to their accounts. Payment management is available for imported subscriptions, as well as for purchases that involve PayPal, Direct Debit and bank transfers.

Advanced multi-channel promotions

Avangate promotions have evolved to allow unmatched granularity. Discounts can now be configured to impact pricing options, allowing you to incentivize very specific purchases. For example, discounts applied to premium offerings can enhance the appeal of more expensive configurations and add-ons compared with basic subscriptions.

In addition, we’ve added a new piece of functionality to the mechanism that controls the price of partner orders. You can take advantage of coupon codes to offer discounts, on top of on-demand price cuts and highly configurable partner margins to increase sales via indirect channels.

Enhanced cross-selling and up-selling

Provide vendors with flexibility and control over the point in the purchase process when a cross-selling offer is displayed to shoppers. The options available include placements within different steps of the ordering process – in cart, review page or at the end of the funnel in the Thank You page.

PO Reference Tracker

Customers using Purchase Orders (POs) as the payment method during the ordering process can now set purchase order identifiers to track and manage purchases in their own system. The Shopper Reference Number (Internal PO Number) entered during the ordering process will be included in invoices, order details and notifications to help make PO management more efficient.

Deeper Integration with New APIs

The Avangate API can easily extend your reach across touchpoints and channels, offering comprehensive support for order, subscription, product catalogue, customer and partners  management.

JSON-RPC support

We’ve expanded Avangate API protocol support to provide additional flexibility and control by enabling you to invoke methods using JSON-RPC (JavaScript Object Notation remote procedure call) protocol, a lightweight data-interchange format. New Purchases, Subscription Management, Product and Pricing, and Channel Manager APIs all support both SOAP and JSON-RPC.

Products & Pricing API

Use the new Products & Pricing API to easily extract product and pricing details from the Avangate system. This release is only a part of the full Products & Pricing API story, and we want to let you know that we’re working to expose additional cPanel functionality in this API in the near future.

Channel Manager API

Avangate is now exposing Channel Manager (Partner) functionality, such as placing new orders and making payments, through our API. Both SOAP and JSON-RPC are supported for the Avangate Channel Manager API.

Single Sign-On for myAccount, eStore, Partner Portals

Simplify your customers’ and partners’ login experiences in Avangate myAccount by using single sign-on (SSO) to provide seamless account access to customers authenticated in your system. With SSO, users are required to provide their login information to your system only once. After that, you can easily redirect users into their myAccount to leverage our advanced order, subscription and payment management functionality. Additionally, SSO is a big part of the process that lets repeat customers use cards on file for streamlined ordering.

SSO also helps get partners authenticated in your system for their Avangate Channel Manager accounts. Use SSO to expedite access to Avangate Channel Manager functionality for authenticated partners, enabling them to place orders as well as manage payments, and customers.

Leading Commerce Platform

Import/Export XML – Products & Pricing

XML support for importing and exporting product and pricing information offers:

  • Frictionless account migration.
  • Simplified importing of products from a third-party system.
  • Automated product and pricing management.

New payment methods support

We’ve added support for new payment methods so you can achieve higher conversion rates when selling locally in Brazil and Russia.

  • Local Brazilian cards /with installments – Customers in Brazil can now pay for your products with locally issued Visa and MasterCard cards (national cards account for around 70% of cards issued, while international for 30%) for transactions limited to home currency Brazilian Real to pay for your products/subscriptions. Furthermore, you can enable Brazilian shoppers to take advantage of installment payments to segment their total order cost into manageable amounts. The customer can thus pay through an agreed number of installments which usually counts between three and six. In conjunction with Boleto Bancario, this gives you access to over 80% of Brazilians using local payment methods online.
  • QIWI – Millions of customers across Russia and the CIS already use QIWI for online purchases. QIWI provides shoppers with control over how they are billed online, as well as the flexibility to make offline transactions using a large network of ATM self-service terminals.

Better support with UX enhancements

New contextual tutorials in the cPanel help make even the most complex task a breeze and drastically reduce the learning curve during onboarding to the Avangate system. These helpful walkthroughs will take you step by step through every aspect of your tasks, acting as your personal on-page tour guides.

We’re speeding access to information, that is key to your business process, with the advanced quick search upgrade. Using the menu search capabilities you can easily locate features and functionality across the cPanel, as well as find order, customer and subscription details.

Chargeback Management 2.0

New chargeback reporting and monitoring tools are now available, simplifying tracking and management of disputes opened by your customers. We’ve also invested in advanced visibility and insight into how chargebacks evolve from the moment they open through to resolution.

This release brings over 200 new functionalities and 510 fixed bugs and enhancements since the last one. We appreciate the support of over 200 partners which contributed with feedback and inputs in our product development and encourage you to continue to share your experiences and requirements via our Control Panel, surveys and direct contact.

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